Election Day [Week][Month[s]] [Year] 2020 follow-along thread

This thread is the place to discuss how the vote is proceeding and to pointlessly micro-analyze every shift in momentum as results trickle in.

Polls are officially open in Dixville Notch, NH, and the first results are in: 5 for Biden, 0 for Trump.

You beat me to it, curse you! :slight_smile:

All I can add is that Dixville Notch was the basis for the fictional Hartsfield’s Landing in the West Wing episode of the same name, that Bartlett really wanted to win because it was the first place in America to report results. So, with five votes counted, looking good for Biden! :grinning:

Here we go…god bless America.

Yes, but Millsfield, another small municipality in the Dixville Notch township went 16-5 for Trump. (According to CNN, anyway.) So, currently 16-10 for Trump. It’s far too early and too small a result, of course, to draw any sort of conclusion from these results. I guess we’ll have to see what happens on Tuesday.

Take a look at their voting record. Millsfield votes overwhelmingly Republican in the primaries, and in the 2016 Republican primary, none other than our old friend Ted Cruz totally dominated, with three times the votes that Trump got. I can only assume there must be a lunatic asylum in the area containing all except five residents, who are employed to look after the place.

Well, like I said, it is far too early to draw any conclusions, based on Dixville Notch’s and Millsfield’s returns. I will say, though, that your “lunatic asylum” remark made me laugh out loud. Thanks–it is much appreciated.

Hang on, you guys do live vote counting? I guess with a country that big if you want quick results that’s needed, but I’ve never seen that before.

I’m just really glad there will be a step forward soon. If Trump wins or contests the results, we can deal with that. But at least we’ll know what the next thing is, and can stop waiting in anticipation for it.

I don’t think it’s “live” vote counting, it’s just that these places are so small that the results are tallied almost immediately.

The odd thing is the early release of results, however small and irrelevant they may be. From the legal perspective of electoral politics in Canada, no ballot counts can be released until polls close everywhere, from coast to coast. One of the major reasons for that is that release of results in major eastern population centers could pretty much settle the election, with a winner potentially called while west coast residents are still preparing to go out to vote, and discouraging them from exercising their constitutional right to elect their local parliamentary representatives.

Same thing in Israel (although “coast to coast” covers a significantly smaller area). In fact, the media can’t even publish exit polls until the actual polls close; the only thing they’re allowed to report on election day is voter turnout estimates.

Alright, the election is over, the result is in. Any further votes will be an attempt to fraudulently flip the election.

Standing back; standing by.

I believe SCOTUS has already set the precedent that any further ballot counting is illegitimate and a waste of time. Cite: Bush v. Gore, 531 U.S. 98 (2000).

Watching from Aus, it’s 7.30pm here Nov 3. Will be stuck to the telly in the morning when the first tallies come through.

Do your best America…the rest of the world is praying for you. Or thoughts, if prayers aren’t kosher or whatever.

Me too. I’m working from 0700-1030, and after that I’ll probably be glued to screens. That said, it looks like the first meaningful results may start coming in about 1pm AEDT.
See here, if you’re in Australia.
(Actually, the summary of when things are happening would be useful for lots of people, IMO)

At his rally last night, Trump introduced rapper Lil Pump as “Lil Pimp”. :rofl:

Freudian slip…

Here’s the video:

Polling place by me opens in one hour. I’ll stop on my way to work.

It’s 9:48 AM EST.
Has Trump demanded Biden concede yet?

You know the clocks shifted back an hour last weekend, right? :wink:

It’s now 8:51 AM EST.

Not here. Alway makes this sort of thing problematical.