Election Question

The people that hand out info at the local polling place, what is the minimum distance they can get to the entrance of the building that the voting takes place in? I live in Lake County, Ohio if that matters.

A fast search shows that every venue has distance regulations set by whatever local elections board is in charge.

In Burson v. Freeman (1992) the Supreme Court said a 100-foot distance was acceptable. Your best best would be to just call the Lake Country Commissioner of Elections (or whatever official is in charge) and ask. Even if they go with just 100 feet, they could choose to define the polling place as more than just the building. They might include all the sidewalks around it, for example.

I’m always amused that they think that a pack of matches or an emery board will make me change my mind. I still take 'em, of course, but I vote without regard to such petty bribes. Maybe if they gave me a John Hiatt CD, we could work something out.