Electricity and Hurricanes

:dubious: So how many people believe hurricanes are simply warm water reactions? HaHaHa! You fools, they are electric phenomena as well!

Sorry I like doing that, but seriously they are. Let me point you to this article first, it’s a pretty good read and much of it is in layman’s for those of you lacking in comprehension.
Wilma the Superstorm and Energy from the Vacuum
Now here’s what I love. You can really see the similarities between these two articles. I did a simple search on Google for “Electric dust devils mars” a couple weeks back and I found this article:

Electric Dust Devils on Mars

I did the search again to find the article for this post and I found this new article, as well:
Dust Devils on Mars Electrified, Study Suggests

Same picture used and everything. It’s like somebody just has to keep people ignorant of the true nature of these storms. I know this forum is the Straight Dope, so I’m just calling it like I sees it.

For those of you who don’t believe these storms to be anything more than warm rising air or hot water reactions, let’s discuss, so that I may smash your little inadequate tornado/hurricane model. The opinions of those who get their cognitive abilities from sitcoms and anti-depressants are of little importance or interest to me.

It’s certainly a rare pleasure to be insulted by someone who believes that the ancient Egyptians could build the pyramids because gravity was weaker then.

Indeed it was, but not just the ancient Egyptians, the some of the Baalbek stones are 1200 tons. Quite a feat for a bunch of stupid natives with pointy sticks, eh? Also 200 lb birds were flying around, with pointy beaks indicating they were birds of prey that swooped down like our eagles. Dinosaurs like ultrasaurs were roaming around, much too big for their own good in this gravity. And then you got all sorts of calendar anomalies, like various tribes around the Earth that weren’t supposed to have any contact, but they have old orbits charted for the planet venus. Old orbits because they no longer exist, but they match up perfectly.

So which is it? Stupid natives sharing their calendars and their stupid ideas, or the planets and solar system was much more different back in the day?

Besides, this thread’s about the electric nature of these storms. So back on topic.

Yes, friction from rising warm air can cause an electrical potential difference to form, and equilibrium is only restored by an enormous, near instant flow of charge called “lightning”.

Who says that storms can’t be characterised electrically as well as thermodynamically?

Around here, we like people to back up claims with actual evidence.

Oh, right. Sorry. So these electric storms rumble onto land, and shake it! There is a definite geological connection, although it is not very well understood.

Earth trembles as big winds move in

Could it have something to do with the eletric nature of the hurricane? I think so! From Harvard University’s Dr. Bridget Samuels paper titled Quake Science: Advances in Earthquake Prediction

So what gives? Well these recent hurricanes gave us a little more indications of what they really are. Lightning around the eye walls was some of the most intense ever, and it was all cloud to cloud or cloud to ground. No ground to air… hmmm… From NASA, titled “Electric Hurricanes”

Pure garbage! They try and give a ridiculous excuse that vertical winds aren’t present in hurricanes without lightning, so the water droplets don’t rub together HaHaHa! If the overall net energy energy in a hurricane remains constant like they would like us to believe, why is it the only direction we really see the lightning move is down?

Katrina, Rita and Wilma were conveniently left out of the flight testing campaign, and were instead tested by long-range sensors, so basically we know squat about their specifics of their electric fields. But come on, just looking at the beasts and the perfection of the eyes and their tiny, tight size shows me that they had by far the strongest electric fields we would have ever recorded. Wilma’s eye was only 2 miles wide for a while!

From a National Geographic Kids! article FLYING INTO THE EYE OF A HURRICANE

That sounds pretty electric to me…

What’s funny to me is that they this storm was so intense, did so much damage, and then they try to tell us it was a Category 4 when it hit land, no no wait, a large Category 3 now they say. Whatever, as one person who was related to someone surveying the damage after it hit had to say:

Picture of the damage

Besides, just imagine an electric currect passing, or check this picture out if you can’t, and imagine that energy passing through the eye, with the circling field around it. Same thing.

From that Space.com article I’m sure you didn’t read:

I love how they really slam home that “caused by warm, rising air” thing. They really, really need you to believe that. As if warm rising air can create an F5, sustain it, and drive the forces that keep this air swirling around itself, instead of disperse it. Isn’t the pressure in the middle of a tornado, hurricane, dust devil extremely low, anyways?

That’s because the dust particles aren’t supposed to be rubbing as much, but the bigger-than-supposed-to-be electric field is still there.

From this article titled “Electric Dust Devils on Mars” you probably also failed to read:


Immanuel Velikovsky? Is that you? I thought you were dead…

No dear, I came back just to shove all the new evidence we’ve accumulated in all the disbeliever’s faces.


From his articles previously titled “The Coming Economic Depression” which are now called the lamer “The Political, Economic and Spiritual Review”.

The Depression articles

The first of the new series, “The Political, Economic and Spiritual Review”

So, basically, you plagiarised.

Shut up, D_Odds. You obviously stole that polysyllabic word from teh Internets, since everyone here take their cognitive abilities from sitcoms.

Well, I do loves me an episode of Benny Hill.

Hah! You’re the greatest D_Odds.

Nope, I’m too busy watching American Idol and popping Lithium.

You’re in luck, because I am not taking any psychoactive drugs and I rarely watch sitcoms, so my opinion should be of some importance and a lot of interest to you:

Back off on the insults.

If you’d like to wander in here with “alternative” science to see whether it can stand up to scrutiny, feel free. If you are going to follow the path of a number of “alternative” science advocates who have preceded you and simply hurl insults, make wild claims, and fail to engage in actual discussion, you are not welcome.

Statements such as

make you look like a supercilious twit rather than a serious proponent of better science.

Statements such as

simply make you look foolish, since no serious archaeologist or historian would ever claim that “natives” (whatever those are, in context) were “stupid.”

Post your thoughts and citations and leave out the commentary (particularly the erroneous commentary and most especially the insulting remarks).

Everyone else: no one is forcing you to post to this thread. Either address the claims made or ignore it, but let’s not start feeding the level of hostility, here.

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It is no great trick to move massive objects with human muscle by means of mechanical advantage gained through simple machines such as levers and pulleys. The modern mind just thinks it’s a great trick because we’ve become so accustomed to moving massive objects with hydraulic rams and electric winches that most of us have forgotten how to make effective use of simple machines.

[tony montana voice]Wrong thread, mane.[/tony montana voice]

I really do not understand the debate here. There is an electrical component to hurricanes? So what? The warm water provides the energy and moisture to the storm, which has been demonstrated by noting the water temperature change after a hurricane passes, sometimes by as much as 2 degrees. This energy is released in high winds and violent bursts of lightning. As for the microtremors, that is nothing new either. The release of all that energy in the form of tidal surges and waves gets the coast ringing seismically. You can feel it when standing on a beach as a hurricane approaches. One can feel the approach of large waves as vibrations in the ground, followed by a definite shudder as the wave breaks upon the shore. Magnify that a few-fold for when the storm peaks, and I am not surprised that it registers on siesmographs.

No, let’s not. What is the rate of change of gravity, huh? If it was different enough to let those quite clever builders move these large stones 4 - 5 thousand years ago, the dinosaurs must have been practically floating. T Rex should have been able to leap tall buildings with a single bound.

Why they evolved such heavy legbones is an interesting question, though.

BTW, anyone ever watching the weather channel knows that thunder storm cells are associated with hurricanes. But *post hoc ergo propter hoc * is still a fallacy.