Electron orbital configuration?

Yesterday we drank at VooDoo Brewery beer garden. I was admiring the graffiti art on the building, which historically was a movie theater at one point (The Ritz).

There’s “hidden meanings” all over the wall. The hops Bud, the movie film, the mask/skull, etc. But I was stumped by the formula, recognizing finally that it was chemistry; some element’s electron orbits.

Any chemists out there? Click on pic for a picture of the whole mural.

That’s going to be aluminum.


Aluminum because of beer cans I guess.

Now you just need to find the formula or structure diagram for ethanol hidden in there somewhere. My looking at your big pic wasn’t finding it.

Lovely clear crisp afternoon there in PA. Time to enjoy the outdoors while you still can. Cheers!


More info here, since I know we’re nasty like that: