Electronics/Circuitboard Design Question

Years ago I had a really good electronic circuit design program. With it you could design the circuits on a part by part basis, download any part imaginable, and even create your own parts. It also had an electronic simulator and it would tell you everything about the circuit, even tempertures, etc. It also had a companion product that interfaced with the circuit designer to (somewhat) automatically design the circuit boards.

I searched with alta vista and haven’t been able to find it yet. Does anyone know what this software is called, what company makes it, URL, etc.

If anyone uses anything like this please recomend the software.

Thanks in advance.

This is for use on a Windows PC.

This was advertised in the magazine “Popular Electronics” alot way back when I had my subscription.

Try Google

Electronic Workbench? It’s always been a popular one. I’ve never gotten around to working with the Windows version though.

BTW, it’s commercial software.

I’ve used Protel and OrCAD. Was it one of those?

More links: Electronics workbenck
Directory of suppliers


Thanks, Im DLin Electronic Workbench now (the demo).