Elephant Sanctuary

Mrs Plant and I visited the Riddle Elephant Sanctuary Saturday.
I had no idea African elephants were so damn big.
One of the trainers call the baby African Maximus over to eat an apple.
He ran over like a dog. If this 2,000 pound guy jumped on you like a dog, you’d being doing your next correction from a wheelchair.
There is another sanctuary in Tennesse , but the Arkansas folks keep male elephants.
Interesting that the two sanctuaries in the US are so close together.

lucky duck!

sounds really nifty. i hear male elephants can be quite a handfull.

Hey I just live a town away! I have been meaning to check out the Elephant Sanctuary but have not had a chance. Please give details when you get back.

I check in regularly with the Elephant Sanctuaries website. In a world of bad things, for some reason, this place gives me hope.

I dare anyone to read the bio’s on the elephants and not cry at the crap humans have done to them.

Humans can sometimes really suck.

[loves elephants]

First Saturday of every month you can visit for five bucks.
Essentially you talk to a trainer and can see the fenced elephants from twenty feet away. Maximus and his Mother were the closest.
We got directions from mapquest.com

They have elephants zoos can no longer afford, mistreated elephants from circuses, young elephants who have run away from home and gotten in trouble.

Hmm… I did not know you could just visit. I thought it was the weekend thing or nothing. Do you know the hours for visitation? Or is it a call and set a time type thing?

Here is the info on Visitor’s Day. 11:00 to 3:00 on the first Saturday of the month. You can bring produce. A guy brought apples and carrots. THe trainer gave the 18 month old Maximus an apple with the command “Hold” and he held it over his head with his trunk. He weighs 1.5 or 2 tons and runs to get his apple. He and Mama stayed behind a steel fence. He tried for some time to break a logging chain on the fence and squeeze out.
I have lived in apartments smaller than Mama. Well, ok, I’ve worked in offices smaller than Mama. :slight_smile: