Elevator doors

Most elevators have both an electric eye and those pressure sensitive panels to reopen doors if someone is trying to get in while the door is closing. What happens if I just put my hand in an inch or two, so that it does not activate either? What prevents me from being injured? I assume that closing force is limited. What is the door closing force.

ASME A17.1 is the standard for elevators governing all the elements. ASME A17.1 (2007): Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators (PDF around 25mb) Closing force seems to be a maximum of 135 N or 30 lbf according to

And you have to leave a certain space at the bottom of the shaft for finger tip cleanout.:eek:


Thanks, that is exactly what I was interested in finding.

Putting you hand between the doors but not across the safety edge can be dangerous. Sorry but I have forgotten what force was generated by the door closer. But if you fingers are small enough and or the door safety latch is a little sloppy in adjustment the door switch can make up and the car can move.