Elizabeth Smart

So now what? How frustrating for everyone involved in the case, especially her family.


There was a child murder in Baltimore a while back under similar circumstances. It eventually became the “Adena Watson” murder on the TV show “Homicide: Life on the Street”. The top suspect in the case simply died of natural causes and the case was never closed.

Erica Baker

Here in Cincinnati, we have a 9 year old girl, Erica Baker, that has been missing for years. One man was rumored to have information on her disappearance, and the family had their hopes up that they would divulge what happened to her, but then the man up and died.

Since it was highly possible that he discussed the matter with his attorney, the authorities questioned her but she refused to cooperate citing her attorney-client obligation. They argued that her client was now dead and her obligation ended at his death. Nope, she argued. So then they asked his widow to sign papers waiving any rights she might have in the matter. She did. And they hoped that that would free Ms. Lewis to cooperate. Nope. She is still refusing to cooperate and basically argues that the attorney-client obligation supercedes the parents’ right to know what happened to their daughter.

So now they are now battling it out in court. And every day the parents continue to live their own version of hell on earth.

I have fantasies of sending Guido over to make a visit to Ms. Lewis. And this isn’t even my child. I can’t imagine how Erica’s parents feel.

Actually, Erica Baker disappeared in Kettering, Ohio, which is a south suburb of Dayton. I know this because we lived 1 block from the (supposed) kidnapping site (Kettering Rec Center / Indian Ripple park). We now live in Champaign County.

The “official” theory is that a stranger kidnapped her while she was walking her dog. I have no idea what happened, but there are some who believe she may have known the person(s) who kidnapped her. Hopefully the truth will be told someday.

Well, I assume the authorities will just start looking for another “potential suspect”. What the hell does that mean anyway? And just what is so suspicious about Ricci unloading his Jeep of two garbage bags and a post hole digger after returning it to the shop? In front of everybody? Wouldn’t it make more sense to get rid of evidence beforehand? I’m of the personal opinion that he was under suspicion out of convenience. This high profile case’s investigation was going nowhere, and they needed someone to blame. I just hope they don’t let the case drop, with Ricci’s death providing them with an easy scapegoat.