Ellen Cherry Game Room moderation

I would like to voice a complaint about Ellen Cherry’s moderation in the Game Room, specifically in the sports threads.

Last week she handed out warnings to me and cricetus in an NFL thread for “being a jerk”. She is clearly not aware of how trash talking has worked in the Game Room for well over a year, nor even that entire thread both before and after her warnings. When I tried to engage her via PM she just flat-out ignored me.

This morning she demonstrated seemingly willful moderating ineptitude by combining two of three Australian Open threads. Here are the three OPs, read them in isolation: (Don’t worry, they’re short.)




She actually combined two and three, keeping three as the OP of the combined thread. I mean, seriously, is she willfully antagonistic to sports, or was this merely an epic fail? I mean, even just the titles of those posts make it clear which two should be combined. In what universe is three the right choice? I don’t even understand what’s being said in three.

What’s the deal?

Got a link to the warnings?

Nevermind, I found them here.

I think there’s a stronger case to support your warning rather than the one issued to cricetus, but a “knock it off” or “dial it back a notch” type note would have been sufficient under the circumstances.

It’s my personal opinion that the trash-talking has to come to an end in the Game Room. It’s going to erupt in all-out flame wars. The sub-forum doesn’t need a special rule about being a jerk.

Regarding the three Australian Open threads, I saw but two. Apologies.

Regarding the warnings, yes “trash talk” goes on and is unavoidable. When it fans into insults, I step in. They’re judgment calls.

ETA: I may be unaware of some of the finer points of thread-combining. I’m still rather new at this. I’ll get it figured out.

In what universe is this pointless rudeness called for? I don’t know which of the threads were reported, if any. Yes, it made more sense to combine the two prediction threads. That has now been done. There’s one thread for discussion of the tournament and one thread for the TV question.

I thought the warnings were deserved. I like some trash talk in The Game Room but these posts (and the ones leading up to them) are too much:

One of my threads my have been merged into another. I asked a question about **ESPN2’s coverage of the Australian Open and it got merged into a thread about the Australian Open per se. I see the two as completely different subjects, apparently some, curiously, don’t.

Per Marley’s post, your thread has now been split back out.

Nobody has yet pointed out what the personal insult in my post was that I got warned for.

And she has completely ignored my PM, so the rudeness started with her.

I read your PM, so it was not ignored. I simply saw no reason to reiterate what you’d already been told. I didn’t believe that I was being rude, and I am truly sorry that you would feel that way.

Your remark that was insulting was pointed out in that thread and now, in this thread. A PM from me would have said the same thing.