elovultion question for dummies

Please do not respond to this if you are looking for a reply from me. While I understand people are constantly looking for a way to debunk other peoples view on God and faith, I do have one simple food for thought. If we really evolved from monkeys then how come there have been no actually documented claims in the past 50,000 years. 50,000 years being the minimum. Sounds like this one religion with a lot of loose ends.

Can you clarify two things:

(1) Which of Cecil’s many columns are you referring to?

(2) When you say “there have been no actually documented claims in the past 50,000 years,” what would the claims have been about? Evolution? Descent from monkeys?

Please, please tell me that “elovultion question for dummies” was a deliberate joke.

Anyway, if you’re asking why no monkeys evolved into humans in the past 50,000 years it’s because evolution doesn’t work that way. Humans and monkeys evolved from a common ancestor at least 6,000,000 years ago because those changes were advantageous to that species at that time. Those same conditions are not going to keep recurring with precision on a ongoing basis.

The understanding of evolution is independent of anyone’s beliefs on god or faith. It’s just the opposite, in fact. A deliberate misunderstanding of evolution - the one you have - has been promulgated by a certain segment of the community of faiths. It is legitimate to point out that this deliberate falsification is not in any way science. That doesn’t keep other people of many faiths from having correct knowledge about evolution.

myangela said:

How is this not a deliberate troll? This person has admitted they are not going to look at any answers posted, so this is not a question, it is a chance to spout off and then leave.

Lock this thread.

Documented claims of what?

And we didn’t evolve “from monkeys”; Homo sapiens is an evolution from the common ancestor of the modern Great Apes, Ouranopithecus.

This seems like a barely concealed attempt at witnessing; if so, this really belongs in Great Debates, though if the o.p. is unwilling to provide a response it won’t make for much of a debate.


OTOH this is probably the only relevant thread in which to comment that “elovultion” is a much more bad-ass name for the process than the current one. Aaaah! Run! It’s the Elovults! [cue Doctor Who music]

And I was so looking forward to a music video of Lance Link and the Evolution Revolution.


No column reference? No reply?

No stay open. No sorry, either.