Elrond, Half Elven - Mutt?

Geneology includes all three houses of the Edain (Early Man), Bëor, Haleth, Hador, the three main houses of Elves, Sindar, Vanyar, and Noldar, and a Maia, Melian (great great ? grandmama).

Any other major players of Middle Earth have such a diverse yet noble heritage? How about diverse but not noble?

And while we’re at it, what was the final word on Elwë Singollo (Thingol) ? Awoken at Cuiviénen or born there afterwards (he has two “brothers”).

Besides his kids? Well, there’s Aragorn, who also has those same houses in his ancestry. But that’s about it.

Galadriel has ancestry of Noldor, Vanyar, and Teleri.

Prince Imrahil had a mix of all the houses of the Edain, plus some Sylvan elvish.

Awoke at Cuiviénen, definitely. Also had brothers. JRRT perceived the elves as having awakened in assorted sibling family groupings. He never really elaborated on this idea too much, but there you have it. IIRC, Olwë and Elwë had a younger brother, Elmo. I believe that got dropped later. I kid you not. http://www.annalsofarda.dk/annals-of-arda/Elves-index-tables/Elves.htm

The best online source I’ve found for JRRT’s early mythos is http://www.annalsofarda.dk/

I would give the nod to Eldarion Telcontar and his sisters as the ultimate middle-earth mix. Combining the mixed blood of Aragorn’s Line with Arwen’s heritage as Elrond’s Daughter and Galadriel’s & Celeborn’s Granddaughter. Eldarion can trace nearly every house of elves and men and all the way back to the Maia Melian.


And I bet he was a helluva King, too! Too bad we don’t know more about his sisters (like, their names or how many there were) or his successors on the Throne of Gondor.

Just sayin’…

Somewhere I read that Tolkien was asked to write a sequel to LotR and that he thought about placing it in Eldarion’s time. If I remember correctly it would have explored a little more to the East than LotR or Sim did.
JRRT was more interested in getting his history together however and he never seriously pursued the sequel.