Elvis Presley's bedroom

I’ve heard Elvis’s bedroom was surprisingly small, especially considering he was one of the biggest stars of all time. Does anyone know about the size of the room?

I went to Graceland in '99. But I can’t remember what the bedroom looked like.

Well, I do remember when we first got there, I was surprised at how small the ENTIRE house was, considering the mansions I’ve driven past in my city.

Well, the bed itself was huge - 9 feet by 9 feet. You can see photos here:


From the looks of this floor plan, however, Elvis’s bedroom doesn’t take up a disproportionate share of Graceland’s “rarely seen” upstairs:


Seldon, you don’t remember the bedroom because you didn’t see it. The Graceland tour covers only the ground floor, and the bedroom is upstairs. Elvis’s parents’ bedroom is part of the tour, so you probably saw that, but the King’s Chamber is not.

I had to go find a cite; the SDMB habits are getting ingrained…

Oh, ok. It’s been a while, all I really remember is all his outfits and the jungle room. The tour is pretty cool itself. When I went, I was pretty jazzed about the whole thing.