Elvish-English Translation: A memorial dedication

I forgot how much of a Tolkien lover my friend was. His family is curious as to whether we could put his name in Elvish script.

So, I need to download an Elvish font (either language is alright), and I need to be aware of any translation difficulties. I assume their alphabet isn’t the same as the Roman one, but is there a way to translate the sounds?

This site has all the information and downloads you need to be able to an authentic translation from English into Tengwar (Elvish letters).

I suggest this–

If I wasn’t going to be cremated, I’d use it.

I’m sorry for your troubles, Speaker.

How 'bout “Bilbo’s last Song”? I’d love to have it read at my funeral!

To quote just a bit of it:


My condolences on your loss.

Here’s a page with many resources on Tolkien’s languages:


Thank you all for replying so quickly. Because of the rushed nature of the proceedings, the program is finished and off to the printers. I’m not sure the name is right, but (I hate to say this) nobody will know. I doubt even my poor friend would be able to tell without research.