eMac to old Mac connection

I was thinking about this on me way to work this morning. I have some files I want to drag from my old SCSI LaCie D4 external hard drive thats connected to my old 6400/180. Now, rather than buying a SCSI to USB adaptor, the 6400 has 2 USB ports at the back on a PCI card I installed.

So, if I connect my eMac to the 6400 via a USB cable, will it see it as an external hard drive? Or further to that, will it see the D4 external through the 6400 as an external HD?
The LaCie is on one of those 20million pin SCSI connections thats about the same width as a bus, and the 6400s running off of OS8.6 - the eMac’s OSX Panther.

I’m thinking it might see it through the connect to server menu bar. Any thoughts?

Does the 6400 have an Ethernet card? That would be by far the easiest way to hook up the two machines. Networking over USB is, AFAIK, a no go, though you could do it via Firewire, which I doubt the 6400 has…