Email: newest on top, or newest on bottom?

I’m curious, how do you have your email client set up, and why? Do new messages appear on top of your inbox, or on the bottom?

Mine is set up with them appearing on top. It’s inconsistent with the way everything else on the computer works, and would make more sense logically to have them appear on the bottom, but I’m set in my ways and don’t want to change.

Top. Only serial killers sort their inbox so that the newest are on the bottom.

Heh, heh.

Newest at the bottom. I’m coming to get you…

At work, newest on the bottom.

At home, newest on top.

I’m just crazy that way.

New on top, same with newsgroups. I like not having to wade through a bunch of old stuff to seen the newest messages.

Newest on top, but I start reading them with the bottom one.

What she said.


really, we read top to bottom, when we write schedules, we do:

8:00 …
9:00 …
10:00 …

from top to bottom. When we list things in sequential order, we list them from top to bottom.

Obviously, email should be from top to bottom. Oldest at the top.

Agreed. I guess that makes us serial killers!

So tell me, what do you find to be the best method to dispose of a body? Knowing you bottom-sorters, you probably keep the bodies around, arranged from oldest to freshest kill.


Me, too.

I started doing it because I once had an e-mail client that considered the “next” e-mail to be the one above it. So in order to have the next e-mail open automatically when I deleted the one I was currently reading, I had to keep the new ones at the top but start from the bottom. I think that all of my current clients can be configured to open whatever I want as the “next” e-mail, but it’s habit now and I don’t feel compelled to change it. :slight_smile:

Top. Unless I accidently flag one of the messages. Then the new ones appear in the middle and I have to hunt for them. I really should clean out my inbox.

E-mail: Newest on the bottom. So that I read them in order.

Bodies: Same. Obviously, you want to dispose of the oldest first, because they’re the stinkiest. I try not to let them pile up, but these things are hard to stay on top of. I mean, I’ve already got four in the resevoir, five in the woods, and three have gone up the chimney. As soon as I finish that lime pit in the basement, though, all my problems will be solved.

Newest on the bottom if I’m sorting by date (which I am, by default, but I often temporarily sort by FROM to walk through all recent correspondence from somebody-or-other. More rarely, sorted by SUBJECT).

Newest at the top. I don’t like have to scroll down to see my new messages. Also, reading them in order is rarely a problem. The folks I correspond with aren’t prolific enough for me to ever have more than about 20 new messages, and those are spread across three accounts.

Who are you trying to kid? It’s because you’re a creepy stalker girl! :wink:

Top. Makes 'em easy to find. However, I also do as Harimad-sol, twickster and Misnomer, because I want to read my oldest new messages first. If there is an e-mail pertaining to an earlier e-mail, I want to know what the earlier one said.

Used to do newest at bottom when I was in university, using pine. :smiley:

Nowadays tho, the custom at my workplace is new on top, so my habits got reversed to match when at work. Still go back to old habits when using non-work mail - go figure.

Hey! I’m staying away from all MAD Dopefests, just like the judge said… :wink: