Email Notification

Has anyone else stopped getting email notifications? Yesterday I didn’t get any and thought it was because the boards were down but I checked in and found they were up and there were new posts in my subscribed threads but I hadn’t been notified.

I had been recieving emails up until yesterday and I checked my subscriptions and they still exist and show that new posts have arrived and my option still lists email notification as my default. Any ideas?


There are now several e-mail notification options for threads to which you are subscribed - including “no email.” I suggest you go look at your subscribed threads and reset the email notifications to your preferences. Click the User CP link above and on the left side there’s a section with some tools to manage your subscriptions.

Thanks, I thought I did that but I will look again. Of course I got 3 notifications of your reply UncleBeer - guess it is feast or famine!

Hmmm. That suggests to me that the email notification function is no more functional than it was in the past. But I’ve long suspected the problems with it are related to our server, rather than a software bug. There may be nothing that can be done about it. Sorry 'bout that.

No problem. I can live with that…