Emails Attaching Themselves! New Virus?

In the past 24 hours, all my emails have attachments. I know for a fact most of these emails should NOT have attachments…as most emails I recognize the source - and often are anticipated responses. The attachment is actually a text file of the email itself! Maybe there’s some Outlook option some jokester has turned on by a harmelss, but annoying, prank virus (worm, etc)?

What is going on here, and how do I stop it? Is it on my end, perhaps? Is there some virus out there doing this? I just updated my Macafee virus scan, but there was no new update. Also, I virus-scanned and “disinfected” my hard drive, but it is still going on.

Anyone else experiencing this? Please tell me what’s going on here and how to stop it!


  • Jinx

No, it doesn’t sound like a virus.

Sounds like you’ve changed an option in Outlook to display HTML emails, and the text version is additionally shown as an attachment. Many email programs will send out two versions of the text in the same email, once as text only, the other as HTML.

HTML email is a pain.