What's going on with my e-mail attachments?

I send and recieve e-mail attachments all the time. Never had had a problem, until yesterday.

Yesterday, I recieved:

  • an e-mail with a .jpg and a .pdf attachment from contact #1. Came through fine.
  • an e-mail with a .jpg from contact #1. It was corrupted.
  • another e-mail with another .jpg from contact #1 , it was corrupted.
  • an e-mail with a .doc from contact #2, it was corrupted .

Contact #1 re-sent me the corrupted .jpgs a couple times, they never came through correctly.

Contact #2 re-sent the .doc file, never came through correctly.

This morning, I’m trying to figure out what’s going on.

I’ve sent .doc files to myself and to my husband, no problems.

Husband sent me a 118K .doc file. It came through as 595K and won’t open.

15 minutes later he sent the same thing. I turned off Outlook, and checked the attachment on the mail server using a Web-based e-mail client. I did this using my laptop, not my main computer. It worked fine on my laptop.

Turned on Outlook on my main computer, attachment comes through fine, I can open it. This was the same file that was 595K and unopenable 15 minutes ago.

A full virus scan was run 4 days ago. I’ve downloaded the newest Norton updates and am running another one right now. It’s not done yet, but hasn’t found anything.

Ad-Aware and Spybot found a few cookies - they always do. I let them fix them and now both show up clear.

Also of interest:

Yesterday when I rebooted my computer, it came up in 600x800 mode. I didn’t set it to that - I usually run in 1024x1280.

The .doc file I sent to my husband (which was recieved OK) shows up as 42K on my hard drive. Husband received 42K. In my “sent items” folder it’s listed as 49K. If I open up the message in “sent items” and save the file, it saves as 45K. If I then open that file in Word and do nothing but re-save it, it saves as 42K.

Everything points to a virus, but Norton’s auto-protect didn’t alert me of anything. In addition, 4 days ago it was clean. It’s about halfway through the scan I’m running now, and is clean so far.

If the new scan shows nothing, I’m not sure what to do. Any ideas? Could my ISP have changed something, or a mail server be infected with a virus? What would cause such things?

What? Did I stump the SDMB? I don’t believe that for one second.

FYI, the virus scan completed, no viruses found.

Defo sounds like a virus. Are you having any other PC issues, apart from the boot-up 600 X 800 thing? Maybe it’s just MSoffice rather than Windows. An Office re-install may fix the issue. At least try that before anything more drastic like a Windows re-build.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.