MS Outlook question... .renamed?

Why is it that whenever I send a picture using Outlook, the recipient gets it as “nameoffile.jpg.renamed”? Why does it add the .renamed at the end, and how do I fix this?

Has this behaviour been observed by more than one of your addressees? - The reason I ask is that it sounds more like something that might be happening on incoming mails on somebody’s mail server; to prevent dummies (and preview panes etc) from easily opening malicious attachments.

Hasty addition…

I am aware that normal jpg files are pretty safe (there are so called jpg viruses, but AFAIK you already have to infected with an ‘interpreter’ virus in order for them to work). however that doesn’t preclude the possibility of an extremely cautios admin somewhere adding them to a server’s suspect file types list.

It happens to everyone I’ve sent pictures to so far (AOL, yahoo, and university campus email). But you do have a point because in the send items box it doesn’t list the attachments with the .renamed at the end. Is it possible that my university is changing the names? Has anybody ever heard of that, and why would they do it to jpeg files?

It could be an attempt to avoid liability if a virus were sent out from the University’s mail server (the only way to open any of the attached files is to take them out of the message and rename them manually; nobody could claim that they were sent a virus and they ran it accidentally (or their mail client did).