Embarrassingly bad videos of 1980s heavy metal bands

Here’s a 1986 video of an obscure heavy metal band from Montréal, Quebec called Trop Féross. The name of the song is Richard Coeur de Fer. I love how the guitarist comes out of nowhere at 1:21 to play a solo.


Show me more hilarious, cringe-worthy, or embarrassingly bad videos made by heavy metal bands in the 1980s.

There are undoubtedly cheesier videos out there, but I submit Dio’s video for “Rainbow in the Dark” – it’s like the bastard child of Yes’s video for “Owner of a Lonely Heart,” and a Monty Python sketch.

I actually enjoyed the album back in the day, but had no idea how bad the video of the “hit song” was until now.

It’s not even the worst “Come To The Sabbat(h)” video.


“Hall of the Mountain King”

Here is what became known as the career ending video from Billy Squier. He was not exactly heavy metal, but it was a ill advised video. Prancing, dancing, pastels and pink satin sheets. Probably missed his target audience.

Crafter Man wins the prize, no need to see anymore. Do you think these guys would even admit to this monstrosity?

The drummer knows one fill. And really likes to use it :rofl:

Candlemass - bewitched

I always cracked up when Beavis and Butthead called out the lame metal bands and videos:

Lol did those guys go out and get perms together?

The guy who directed the Bewitched video would go on to do videos for Roxette, U2, Metallica and Lady Gaga, among other unknowns.

I wasn’t sure if the singer in the OP was male or female, until 1:49! This video looks like it was shot at a public access studio. (Was it?)

I’m still not sure.

Krokus: Screaming in The Night.

Until today, the one and only time I saw that video was on a special half-hour show about “banned videos”, Apparently, all the ones were deemed too something for MTV. Too violent, too sexist, too sexy, something.

Now, seeing it again, not only can I not see what was so bad about it, I can’t stop laughing.

I still like the song. Some songs, you should just not see the video to. It could irreperably damage your opinion of the song, the band, or of a just God.

Here is an alternate version of Video #1. This one was apparently on a Canadian music show. What I love is that at 1:43, the footage from the original vid, with the guitar player coming out of nowhere is inexplicably spliced in.

I laughed so much at that video the past few days. I’m picturing the camera guy saying “wait…wait…waaait…annnnnnnd…GO!” Just before the guitar player runs onstage to do that awful solo.

Not sure why it won’t embed…


The singer is definitely female.