EMERGENCY ear question

I have a problem my ear is somehow clogged and i cant figure out how to get it unclogged and i cant hear out of it im not sure if its water or not but it doesnt feel like water how doi get it out?

I know it sounds trite, but you should really go to a doctor’s office, if you’re worried. You could just have a wax buildup. The doctor’s office can flush out the wax for you.

Don’t go poking around your ear.

Yes, yes, BobT is right that you should go to a doctor. Never stick anything in your ear. Even if it is simply a wax build up, poking it with a Q-tip or whatever may cause the ear to become more irritated and painful.

However, if you must try something on your own before going to the doctor, you might use an over the counter nasal spray (like Afrin). If the blockage is a result of sinus congestion (and sometimes your sinuses don’t feel bad, only your ear) this will clear it up. These nasal sprays are ok for occasional use, but if the ear clears and then blocks again, STILL go to the doctor.

You also might try whatever it is that you do on a plane to relieve blocked ears, chewing gum, swallowing, etc.

Go to a doctor. It could just be wax, or maybe you got water in your ear. Or maybe it’s the start of an infection. Did I mention you should go to a doctor? :slight_smile:

::wondering why people post to a message board asking questions about stuff like this::

All you need is a Curative Galvanic Belt, liberally dusted with Smeckler’s Powder. Wrap it around your head, while you take a Balsam Specific.

That should fix you right up…

I disagree with everone else on this.

When people go to the doctor’s office for ear problems it is the perfect opportunity for them to either implant or adjust the microchip that was designed by the New World Order.

In fact, if you feel a clog it is probably an existing microchip that has come loose. What you need is a long stainless ice-pick and a couple of painkillers as well as some antiseptic and cotton swabbing.

get rid of that chip before they detect it’s malfunction and come to reinstall it! A nice tinfoil hat will help to hide your signal until you manage to get rid of it.

I have this problem all the time…in my case, my ears produce about 5 times the wax it needs. My ears clog whenever they get wet on the inside. It sucks. Go to the doctor and have them give you an ear lavage. (they’ll make sure it’s wax too.) If you want to try something at home, you can buy Ear Drops. They come with a bulb syringe for you to flush out any wax after the drops are applied. With this, I usually can get the canal to open enough for me to hear again, but they don’t get particularly clean.


Too easy. Why not visit the pharmacy? Ask the pharmist, ‘Sir, I need something to unclog my ears!’ Viola!

Ear Drops for cleaning ears are usually just regular hydrogen peroxide.

Try taking 2 psuedafed (them little red allergy pills) decongestants. Then take a hot shower, with maybe some vicks vaporub on your chest, some 20min after taking the pills. If this does not work- see a Doctor.