Emperor killed outside Colorado Governor's Office

Outside of the Capitol office he declared, “I am the emperor and I am here to take over”.
News story here

Well, at least Sauron will get his food faster at McDonald’s now.

Dick Cheney will (publicly) take over for George W. Bush CNN reports.

Knowing Cheney and knowing Bush, I’m sure that we can expect a smooth transfer of power.

I can’t make this up, folks.

Thanks for the link. I was looking for that the other day.

This story had been posted a few days earlier.

Note to self: When you finally come to seize ultimate power, do not strike before you’re ready.

The whole incident mirrors the ending of House of the Dead 2. Except for the fight with the Emperor where his special move is the ability to turn into all of the previous bosses in the game. And Goldman saying, “Goodbye…friends…” and throwing himself off the top of the building. And Joe Rogan meeting you outside and giving you a special congratulations if you score more than 100,000 points.

Still sounds like suicide by cop to me.

Poor bastard. He sounded pretty mixed up. And who knew that Denver was the Imperial Capital, for chrissakes?

It’s not. San Francisco is.

This is blasphemy and usurpation. As Tuckerfan noted, there is only one Emperor of the United States.

Aw, crap. The Emp was going to pardon me right after he met with the Governor.

Wattle eye dew? Wattle eye dew? :smack: Bummer. He was the emperor, man, and he died in a rented tuxedo! Rats.