Emperor Norton was buried January 10, 1880

Is anyone planning to visit his grave on the upcoming anniversary? I bought a top hat for the occassion. I haven’t looked up a map, yet, but he’s in the Woodlawn Cemetery, in Colma.

I’m not planning to visit, but thanks for the reminder. Emperor Norton is one of my favourite characters from history, and I’ll gladly raise a glass to him on the 10th.

A friend of mine mentioned this the other day and he will celebrate. He is a “Clamper” (ECV). I had no idea what that was and he explained it.

I didn’t realize there was something important about a 134th anniversary.

This one isn’t any more important than any other. This is just the first time that I’ve decided to make the trek.

Thanks for the link to the Clampers. I hadn’t heard of them.

As an aside, I read the Sandman issue with the good Emperor in it and wondered if Gaiman was using poetic license when he said that there was a total eclipse of the sun during the funeral. So I looked it up. He was. It was actually the next day. But it’s accurate that the totality was visible in San Francisco.

He died January 8, Elvis was born January 8. Fyi…

So we can raise a glass in memory tomorrow, too.

Oooo. Also Soupy Sales, Stephen Hawking, and Kim Jong-un. According to wikipedia. Nixon and I missed it by one day, but in opposite directions.