"Employers expect to increase hiring" Oh, please be true....


“NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Strong demand for their products and services is prompting U.S. employers nationwide to say they will soon hire more workers than they have in the past three years.”

I know I’m not the only one around here looking for work, so maybe this will put little hope in our minds.

All I can say is, please please please be true…

I and the 4000 people that went to a job fair last Thursday are certainly hoping it’s true.

I’m out of work again next month. Pogey here I come!

Oh, me too!!

(on my way out the door carrying 211 resumes… post orifice, here I come! :cool: )

Hmm. I hope the forecast comes true, but that article smells like an election year decoy planted by republicans. 40% increase? - come on! Later on they can always say ‘whoops’ we were wrong. Good luck to all of you job hunting. I think we’ll see some job growth, but not those big numbers.

I’ve got a second interview for a job, but I’ll be extremely lucky if I get it. Still, hope it works out for everyone!

Ruy Teixeira, 3/13/04

  1. Take a gander at this little graph of Paul Krugman’s, comparing Bushie jobs projections with the reality.

But good luck to everyone out there looking. It’s a rough time indeed.

I have an interview tomorrow, been out of work for 14 months. My wife was wondering if I would remember how to get up and out to work in the morning since it has been so long. Except for some temp work it has been nearly 3 years. The frequency of the calls has increased over the last month or so. One a short while ago and the one tomorrow are with companies that I have tried for some time to get into but they weren’t hiring. Now I just need to remember what it is that I do.