Emulating a Palm on Pocket PC (Dell Axim)

I don’t want to buy another handheld PDA but need to be able to run an application that is only out on the Palm OS (Weight Watcher’s E-Tools)

Does anyone know of an emulator that I can use?


I haven’t tried it myself, but there’s a free trial, so you’ll be able to try it to see if it runs your specific apps.

Thanks for that link. Unfortunatly the documentation says it won’t work with programs that need a conduit and the WW Etools software uses a conduit :frowning:

I think you’re probably going to be out of luck in that case; is there not a native WinCE app that does the same thing?

I have found some programs to figure out the WW Points in food but none that will let me log the food I eat, how many points in the food and then figure out how many points I have left for the day as well as having a database of points in common foods

I have an Axim x50v myself, but as far as I know there are only two Palm emulators – Style Tap, and PocketPalm. The former is more recent and commercial. The latter hasn’t seen any development since 2001 or something like that, and probably doesn’t work well in WM2003 or 2005. As far as I know neither support Palm’s conduits, due largely I suspect to the fact that conduits are tied directly to the Palm Desktop in much the same way similar apps on the PPC are tied to ActiveSync.

I tried StyleTap but was rather underwhelmed. It only emulates Pre-OS5 machines, and I believe only supports Palm Standard resolution (160x160) though I only tried it out once or twice with the two apps it comes with, and I’ve since let the demo expire so I can’t check it right now to confirm.