Enable or disable gnome extensions in Fedora 26

I just upgraded my linux box to Fedora 26. When I added an extension to gnome (through activities -> software) it brought up a graphical manager that allowed me to enable and disable extensions. I cannot figure out how to bring up that graphical manager again. I can’t find it anywhere in activities, and settings brings up a completely different interface that does not have any options to enable or disable different gnome extensions.

How do I open that graphical interface again?

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Never used Gnome, but as far as I can see the main way to control the extensions is through a webpage : yes, nuts as this Stack chap indicates —

*I can’t find any appropriate programs in the Dash for doing that. The only way I can actually manage extensions is via extensions.gnome.org.
Or try gnome-tweak-tool.

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As here.
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