Enabling DMA on my compu

DMA is NOT enabled on my computer, and I know there are benefits to having it enabled.

Question 1. Is there a way I can find out whether my computer supports DMA?

Question 2. How bad are things going to be if I enable it when it is not supported? Will I be able to change it back?

Many Thanks.

I’m assuming you’re speaking of DMA mode on your hard drives, since all computers use DMA for other things. To enable DMA mode on your drives, go to the device manager, right click on the drive, properties. In the properties page, under driver I think, there should be a DMA checkbox. Check it, and you’ll have to reboot. If the drives don’t support DMA mode, after rebooting, this box will be unchecked.

Thanks **diku **

I’ve gotten as far as checking the box you suggested, but then a warning window pops up threatening dire consequences if I proceed when my drives aren’t designed to handle DMA, and I’ve been afraid to proceed. I think I’ll try it now.