Enamel paint with brush attached, is there such a thing?

I’m looking for small (approx 1-2 ozs) containers of enamel paint where the brush is attached to the inside of the lid. Somewhat like a nail polish bottle, with the brush attached to the cap, but with a bigger container of paint.

I only need 3 colors, gloss white, gloss black, and flat black.

I plan to use it as touch-up paint for my Jeep. I plan to top up the container as I use the paint, so that the brush stays wet with paint.

Is there such a thing? My Google-fu isn’t succeeding.

Could you buy bottles like these and pour in Testor paints? I also had no luck searching for the ready-made product.

Check American Science and Surplus. They often have odd items like that.

Every bottle of touch-up paint I’ve gotten from the dealer had a small brush, just like nail polish.

This. We have a bottle in the garage for my gf’s Subaru.

@Trinary — possibly. Got a link?

@Beckdawrek — American Science and Surplus (https://www.sciplus.com) has some cool stuff! Thank you. I found these empties that can be filled with paint. A bit small, but a possibility. Nail Polish Bottles With Brush Caps

@zoid (@kayaker) — Come to think of it, same here. I’d forgotten that, it’s been years since I bought touch-up from a dealer. Will check it out, thank you.

That’s a funs site to pick through, I"m getting an itchy trigger finger thinking of xmas gifts already.

The very first result I got for “automotive touch up paint” was this company, which has both pens and brush-in-bottle products.

I love ‘American Science and Surplus’
I have purchased many things from them and never been disappointed.

I live very close to the Chicago store and stop in every once in a while, just to look. It’s quite a zany place. They have a lot of not-for-sale items on exhibit. When I was a kid, it was a HUGE treat to convince mom to drive us there. She’s more of a fabric store type and would quickly get bored but us kids would spend hours if we could. A few dollars would really stretch at American Science back then.

I might be able to stop by this weekend for some reconnaissance.

Thanks @Dewey_Finn, I just ordered a 2-oz bottle w/ brush from them.

Last weekend wound up being unexpectedly busy but I was able to stop by American Science & Surplus in Chicago today. They do have two different kinds of new nail polish bottles with the brush on the cap. They didn’t say the capacity and it’s sort of hard to gauge because it’s thick glass but I’d guess they were each about a half fluid ounce. Dig deep, they’ll set you back 39¢ each, lol.

Wow. I paid $15 for a 2oz bottle from automotiveTouchup.com. That was 9 days ago and it hasn’t shipped yet. Covid delays.