Enchiladas stuck to Pyrex baking dish: Need answer fast

So, I pulled them out of the oven, the tasty turkey enchiladas that take care of the leftover Christmas turkey. And although I coated the dished with a film of enchilada sauce, there seems to be a tight cohesive bond between the tortillas and the dish.

So, my question is, am I better of to let everything cool, and then perform the enchiladaectomy, or should I do it while it’s hot and bonded?

I scraped around the dish perimeter and tried to separate the individual tortillas, but the bottom seems thermonuclear bonded.

I would use a metal spatula and pry away while still hot. So much for fast answers, though, since it looks like you posted this a couple hours ago. What did you end up doing?

You used flour tortillas, right?

I go after them when they’re hot.

It seems to be hit or miss for me. They seem to stick about half the time. I have had good luck using giant pasta shells instead tortillas, but then that’s using the the term ‘enchilada’ a bit loosely. They were very good, but it’s a bit different. I wouldn’t invite people over for enchiladas and serve those unless I gave them a heads up. But for the record, they’re not ‘offensive’ but they’ll catch you off guard.

It worked well. They didn’t stick, it was easy to get them out, I didn’t start at the pan saying “Did I lay them in this way or that way” only to cut across all of them. I liked it.

Flour tortillas: correct.

Anyway, like I said, I scraped around the perimeter and was wondering how to proceed. Mostly people would tell you to get them separated ASAP. I think leaving them to cool for a while is beneficial, but this is only anecdotal.

I let them cool for a while. I’m still not sure what the answer is.

Well, there’s your problem! You’re supposed to use corn tortillas for enchiladas!

Sorry. The thread puzzled me until this point; I’ve never known the tortillas in enchiladas to stick to the pan. So…I suppose my only useful input here is to use corn tortillas in the future. They don’t stick.

I’ve never made enchiladas with flour tortillas, but I can see why that might cause some problems. I think I would try greasing the dish before putting anything in next time.

ETA: And the poster above me is right. Corn tortillas, at least in my experience, don’t stick to the glass.

Yeah, those are just really wet burritos. They’re still in the pan a couple hours later? Dude, aren’t you hungry?

I knew they were flour, because they’re the only kind that usually stick. I was forced to use 2 flour tortillas one night after my I discovered I was short a couple of corn.

Guess which ones stuck to the greased casserole?

The only things I use flour tortillas for are burritos and enchiladas.
I also pan fry the guys. Roll 'em to get all the sides brown and toasty.

Sorry in advance for your dishes.

I think you’d find quesadillas to be tasty and easy to prepare.

I think you’re supposed to dip the corn tortillas in the sauce before rolling them up, and then put the sauce and any cheese on top before baking.

Frying up flour tortillas and making enchiladas sounds like something abominable someone in Iowa would think up as Tex-Mex or Mexican.

It is how they prepare them at every Chicago area taqueria I’ve seen and that’s a few. There are going to be varying levels of ‘authenticity’, of course, but enchiladas are prepared to order on the griddle. My impression was actually that the saucy cheesy baked ones are TexMex versions but I could be wrong here.

Taco Bueno seems to think “enchiladas” are made with flour tortillas.

This is a shame because Taco Bueno isn’t all that bad as far as fast food joints go.

That said, if your heart is really set on using flour tortillas; no need to bake them in the oven.

Just cook up all the ingredients separately and then assemble them post cooking.

:dubious: May Og have mercy on your soul.

Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve even seen corn tortillas here. I’m not kidding. They show up as hard pieces of crap in taco kits, and the like. What do they look like packaged fresh? What brand name?

LOL What? Where the heck do you live? :slight_smile:

There is only about a hundred different brands here in Texas. But I think the most widely known one is Mission

Seriously. I think I’ve just discovered an unknown cultural divide. Corn tortillas are not available in supermarkets here in my part of Canada. This could become a completely separate thread at this point. Weird.

New thread started.

I’m so very sorry, but I misread the title of this thread as “*Echidnas *stuck to Pyrex baking dish”. That’s the first time I’ve ever snorted Red Bull.