Need Help with Chicken Enchilada Recipe

I need some help with my chicken enchilada recipe.

I make the kind with the creamy green chile sauce, not the full-blown red enchiladas. The flavors are good and work well together. I marinate the chicken breasts in margarita mix, chopped jalapenos, and cilantro (I know, I know), and then grill and slice them. I don’t shred the chicken. Roll the chicken, some black beans, and some pepper jack cheese into tortillas, put in a pan (I usually get 6 - 8 in the pan), cover with the green chile sauce, drizzle with red enchilada sauce and bake till all bubbly. Serve with grated cheddar, shredded romaine, diced plum tomatoes, some black olives, and a little dollop of sour cream, maybe some jalapenos on the side, and you’re set.

The problem I have is the tortillas have no bite to them. They take on the texture of a soft lasagne noodle. I’d like them to hold up a bit better.

The wrinkle is this:

I can’t use corn tortillas; they have to be flour. The wife doesn’t like what she calls “raw” corn tortillas. She likes them fried for say, tacos, but that’s it.

Any suggestions? Could I roll and bake the enchiladas sans sauce, and then add that after the tortillas crisp up? If I fried them in oil for just a bit, would they stay flexible enough to roll?

Any help would be appreciated.

If I were going for non-soggy tortillas I’d do the former: roll them, bake them until golden, then add the sauce. Because if you happen to have any leftovers, frying them in oil will only make them soggy later.

That said, I’m a huge fan of the soaking wet tortilla, limp with enchilada-sauce-goodness and cheese.

Since there’s already a thread going on here, I’ll close this one down.