End of Sopranos. [spoilers]

I bought the box set of season nine of the Sopranos and watched them all.

The point of this thread is to ask what was going on at the end of it.

The sense I got was something bad was going to happen - Specifically the guy who went to the loo was going to come out and off Tony or his whole family.

My direct mental reference was Michael Corleone going to the bathroom before offing the police commissioner guy and the other mafia guy in GFII.
But as soon as Meadow got arrived after her adventures parking the car, the screen went black.

Thing 1: Yep, that’s what happened. There was a long thread, I’m sure someone will link to it.

Thing 2: There were only 6 seasons. Season 6 DVDs came out like the episodes did, part 1 and part 2. (Sorry for the nitpick.)

Go search for threads from when this aired. We discussed it at considerable length.

I think this is it.

I never agreed with the criticism over the ending. I thought the message was that Tony would never know if and when a hit might occur. (But then I kind of liked the series finale of Seinfeld, and that was another one that was widely criticized.)

What, you never saw seasons 7, 8, and 9? Where Tony, who is now guided by the lyrics of Journey, tries to make amends for his life by traveling through history righting wrongs?

I liked it because it was so ambiguous about if Tony was now an angel, in a coma, or genuinely traveling back through his life correcting his mistakes.

Personally, I thought it was a brave direction to take.

I agree. The episode where he takes his 8-year-old self out for ice cream and coaches him to be more assertive with his mother was one of my favorites.

Sure, pick on the fat kid. He’s an easy target.


While it was a courageous risk, I thought the scene where a young Tony received an enema from an enraged Livia while his sisters sobbed in the corner was rather too intense even for cable.

Lobsang - They’re messing with you. Cheap Quantum Leap gag (and you know how cheap gags drag on over here).

As for the meaning of the ending, I find “you got whacked” or “the director didn’t want a clean ending” the most plausible.

(I mean, hey, months after the fact and someone who’s never even seen the dang series is commenting on it. If that’s not a grand slam, nothing is.)

I don’t remember seeing this in the other thread, but it’s an incredibly persuasive close-reading of the construction of the final scene, arguing that Tony is indeed whacked.

I’m with you on both counts.

That’s very well done but jeez someone needs to tell that guy it’s only a television programme.