End of the world has finally come for Harold Camping

You remember him - he’s the guy who kept predicting the Rapture, only to be wrong time after time. Apparently he’s had his only personal rapture.


Quick, someone channel the dude and ask to speak with Sylvia Browne!

Even though he’s dead, I will still say it. The man was a douche and his memory deserves no respect whatsoever.

The LA Times had a great first line in his obit this morning, something like “Harold Camping did not live to see the end of the world.”

Good riddance Mr. Camping, may your grave be peed upon by drunk college students for eternity.

Rather than being one of the Raptured, he was one of the fallen.

He died from a fall in his home.

I’m sure the guy really believed in what he was preaching, but apparently his radio stations did not. I listened to Family Radio for a couple hours the day before the end of the world. They were still taking donations.

I hope Jesus kicks him in the balls.

Well, they maybe they were that tight for money they needed donations on a day to day basis.

I think he was sincere. There’s not that much evidence that those who quit jobs & cashed in their savings gave all that money to him. More like they used the money to put banners announcing the Rapture on their vehicles & travel around spreading the Word. Plus, he was obviously crushed when it didn’t happen & pretty much faded from public sight afterwards. He was at least as much self-decieved as he was decieving.

He just thought he’d win by camping at the Pearly Gates.

You’re sooo bad in a sooo good way. :smiley:

Pictures the Holy Ghost sticking out an ethereal toe… “Heh heh heh. Got 'im.”


For a while it seemed we had doomsday predictions every year. I miss that. There are so many idiotic ideas that people cling to. It’s nice to have a few that can be definitely disproved on a fixed schedule.

I used to listen to him while driving at night around the country. He always seemed pretty faithful to his interpretation of the Bible. I heard him at least once explain the passages that said “No one knows when the Judgement day will come” (paraphrasing), so it was a surprise to me when he came out and said that HE knew when it would be. I wish I could have asked him what caused his turn-around.

I grew up near him, although I didn’t know about him at the time. I will say one thing: I would trust his conviction over Sylvia’s. I understand his groups solicited donations, and made a mint, but I am quite certain that Sylvia was at least intentionally bilking people.

Camping out.

This is priceless:

Go figure!!

Things like this almost make me wish for life after death, so that Harold could see his buddies throw him under the bus, I mean Camper.