Endangered black rhino born at Des Moines zoo

There’s only a 1000 black rhinos left. A successful birth is quite an event.

Photos are always required for birth announcements. This article includes a long slideshow of the baby at the end of the article. Ayana’s birth video is amazing. Very quick and no fuss. No significant blood spill either. I assume to avoid attracting predators.

I know rhinos are considered very temperamental and dangerous. But they certainly produce adorable babies.

Cute as the dickens!


I love the little nubs where the horn is going to be.

Endangered primarily due to their use for lining pick up truck beds.


My favorite.

Is that red area his tongue? Sticking out?

I think the wee pink part is her nostril.

I think you’re right. The red is closer to his nose than the mouth.