Rare Baby Sumatran Rhino Born

Story here. Nice photo of mother and child. (Is it just me, or does the baby resemble Lonesome George, the century-old tortoise that just died in the Galapagos?)

The fourth birth in captivity in more than 100 years.

Welcome to the world, you strange, funny-looking little baby.

Adorable, I do like baby critter pictures. Probably why I like cheezburger a lot - squee spotter is a lot of fun.

I love how the photo caption has to specify which is the mother and which is the baby. Because it totally wouldn’t be obvious at all without that.

(yeah, yeah, I know they’re probably just following their standard style guide on image-captioning, but it’s still funny)

I used to think baby rhinos were the most adorable animal babies until I saw some video of a baby musk ox. This little rhino might make me change my mind again. There’s something fascinating about infant forms of gigantic, scary animals.