Enderal - Total conversion mod for Skyrim

Enderal (https://enderal.com ) is a (free) total conversion mod for skyrim. That is, apart from the engine it’s a completely new game : entirely different world, entirely different story, even different game rules.

It was released in 2016, but after a first try last year, I’m only playing it now. And I found it so good that I wanted to share and advertize for it. Despite being done by amateurs, it’s professional level quality. The graphisms are beautiful, even gorgeous, the musical score is good, even the voice acting is remarkable (the mod is entirely voiced in both German and English). There’s as much content as the original Skyrim, and the main storyline is vastly better than that of the ovewhelming majority of games I’ve played (as far as I can tell, I’m only in the middle of it, but from what I’ve read, it goes only better). Emotionnally gut-wrenching at times.

It’s a rather dark and grim story (you’ll be able to tell as early as the opening scene), very compelling, with some pretenses of philosophical depth, very interesting and complex characters, and quite a lot of “what the hell!” moments. On the other hand, it might not be for someone who wants some light and fun entertainment after a long day of work, but I suspect that a lot of dopers would enjoy it. The main storyline is very linear, but this allows for some memorable scenes, so I don’t mind. On the other hand, it’s an open world, so you can roam around freely and do side quests, explore dungeons, etc… There’s no level scaling, so there will be areas where venturing too early will get you killed. I hate level scaling with a passion, so for me it’s a blessing, but I know that a lot of people prefer it. The game crashes occasionally, so saves are in order.
Give it a try, I’m sure many among you will love it.

Before I had a baby I had put in over 800 hours into skyrim, but then my ps died and I lost all my save data. (You could “copy” your save data to a memory stick but, as I only found out later, that saved data was for some reason worthless at restoring your progress). I was too heartbroken to continue. A total conversion mod might be fun to play with my daughter in the future maybe in ten years time.

Depends on your daughter’s age. As I said, it’s quite dark and rather an entertainement for adults IMO.

Here’s a link to the opening scene I was talking about, for instance (the first 7 minutes) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rd4irBna5V8
And while I’m at it, the game trailer, that gives an idea of the dramatic setting and voice acting : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnracFjiC_k

I started playing this quite some time ago, but moved away before progressing very far. It is on my list to return to…probably sooner than later as I can’t seem to get FO:NV to run for more than 30 seconds (despite having it work perfectly a few years back on the exact same rig).