Ender's 'Toon

I have been noticing a lot of reference lately to Orson Scott Card’s Ender series. I just read Ender’s Shadow, followed by Shadow of the Hegemon As soon as I saw Shadow of the Hegemon, I had to have it. I very rarely purchase hardcovers, but I couldn’t wait to read it.

Then of course, I had to read Ender’s Game again.
I find myself enjoying this one more than I did any of the first 4 times I read it. (I am up to the point where Ender has just been traded to Rat Army.) After Ender’s Shadow, I know Ender a little better, I guess.

I was so pleased that O.S.C. decided to fill in that 3000 year gap between Ender’s Game and Speaker for the Dead.
Just wondering who all is here whose life coinciding with mine lately. (SDMB and Orson Scott card have pretty much been filling my days lately.

While doing a search for these book on the MB, I saw that Enderw24 had a birthday. Happy late Birthday Greetings! (You share my Gramma’s Birthday.)

I guess that’s all for now.

::patiently awaits Ender24 to make effing hilarious reply::

I finished Shadow of the Hegemon last night. I wasn’t going to buy it(better call the library and have them remove that reserve…thanks for reminding me) but I found it at Costco for $14. I also re-read Ender’s Shadow just before that, and I planned to re-read Ender’s Game starting today. :stuck_out_tongue:
My next goal after that is to actually read the whole series…I never got into Speaker for the Dead and the others following that one. I think that the plan for this weekend involves getting those from the library.

Sorry for the stupid question, but here we go. I’ve not read any of the “Ender’s Game” books. I’ve always liked OSC. I would like to start in on them. Which book comes first in the series?

Like I said, sorry for the stupid question.

** Ender’s Game /b] is the one you want. Originally expaned from an absolutely killer novelette published in Analog a number of years back. It was one of those that you just knew had the editor jumping up and down with the discovery of a major new talent. (And a busy one. OSC has put out dozens of novels since, in his Ender, Earthfall and Prentice Alvin series alone. Like Roger Zelazny, he has a fascination with the mythic, and the skills to carry it off. If you haven’t yet read any of his standalone novels, I highly recommend his his {b} Hart’s Hope ** or ** Songbird **. After half a dozen readings each, they still hold up.)

As mentioned before, “Ender’s Game” is the first one in the series. Expanded from a short story, it’s an amazing book and pretty much launched OSC’s career. I’ve read it more times than I care to recall and it’s still a favorite.

Next is “Speaker for the Dead”. A very different book than EG, but equally remarkable. I picked it up very shortly after discovering EG, wasn’t ready for it, and didn’t like it at all the first time through. Put it away for a while, picked it back up and loved it the next time.

Third is “Xenocide”. Maybe my favorite of the series so far (although that’s a really tough call). The first three books taken together are IMHO the best set of stories of a single character in all of SF.

Fourth is “Children of the Mind”. Frankly a disappointment after the first three books. Not bad, mind you, I just felt it comes up short in comparison.

OK, the first four books are kind of a set and should really be read in that order. In fact I’d suggest reading all the books in order but if you really wanted you could read 4 and 5 first.

Fourth is “Enders Shadow”. Really good, and an interesting approach in that it covers much of the same ground as EG but from the perspective of a different character (which is better than it might sound at first).

Fifth is “Shadow of the Hegemon”. IMHO even better than ES, partly because it’s all new ground and partly because it expands more on some characters from way back in EG that I really liked and always wanted to know more about.

Two more books are planned in the current ‘series’, but I don’t know when they will be out.

That was a rather long reply. Can you tell I really like these books? I’m a big OSC fan as well, and collectively I’d say the Ender books are his finest work.

Shadow of the Hegemon is out? Where have I been?

Happy birthday Ender!!

See, this is what you get from not searching for your name in the keyword section more often.

My birthday was a month ago, but thanks to everyone who wished me a happy one. Double thanks to everyone here who sent me a present (i.e. no one).

I too found the fourth book to be a disappointment and not particularly because of what happens to Ender (which I will not spoil), but merely the overall choices Card made. Still, Card’s writing style is so readable, I can’t say I hated this book. Basically, it’s like saying there’s a bad Simpsons episode. Can’t be done. Even the worst of them is better than 99% of the crap on TV.

Anyway, a few comments on EG. While, IMO, books 2 and 3 are excellent, they are NOT like Ender’s Game. It is a style and a story that is more advanced than the free flowing first book. While I loved book 1, I knew that if I went into book 2 expecting more of the same, I would be sorely disappointed. Card expanded his novellete of Ender’s Game into a novel because he realized that it would be a great way to start off the series he really wanted to write: books 2-4.

After the Ender’s Shadow series (now set at 4 books) that will not be the end of the Ender universe. Card has plans to write Petra’s story through Ender’s Game as well as Ender’s travels through his 3000 years. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen. I, for one, would enjoy it.

As a series, I think I prefer the Homecoming books. While I’m not into the book of Mormon, which is what it is loosely based off of, I thought the pace never let down and the entire group of books were wonderful to read.

YOU fucker! I gave you a birthday present, sure it might not be the most extravegent. But, not all of us are rich like mister hoity toity here. Are you saying you didn’t like my fucking poem?