Enduring Freedom?

We’re calling it that now? Now, do not get me wrong. I’ve been following the news, but it’s because of that that I just saw a report on CNN that the British are joining “Operation Enduring Freedom”.

Infinite Justice->Infinite Freedom->Enduring Freedom->?

I liked Mr. Rilch’s suggestion: Operation Desert Wrath.

It was ‘Infinite Justice’.

It got changed, since that phrase proved offensive to some of the more moderate Middle Eastern states that we’re not trying to piss off (bugger ‘political correctness’ sneers, that’s just plain common-sense diplomacy).

The name became ‘Enduring Freedom’. I don’t recall it ever being called ‘Enduring Justice’.

It seems like I heard that “Infinite Justice” was offensive to Muslims because they believe that only Allah can dispense infinite justice. So… in order to appease the Middle Eastern countries that are being somewhat supportive, we changed the name again.

I have no idea why it was changed the first time. Does anybody else know?

No offense, but do either of you read before you post? I know it started out as “Infinite Justice”, and I know why it was changed. Crusoe, I never said it was “Enduring Justice”. (And I also know that “Noble Eagle” is the separate program for the defense of North America.)

morrigan, what do you mean “changed the first time”? Do you mean the second time, to “Enduring Freedom”? That’s what I’m asking: why and when.

Does anyone else think “Enduring Freedom” might be the lamest thing they could have called it?

Oh, duh me. I meant ‘Infinite Freedom’. I don’t think it was ever called that.

Apologies. I wasn’t paying full attention.

S’okay. I’m just wondering if “infinite” is another of those terms that people take the wrong way. Like “Live Free or Die” on the New Hampshire license plates/as the state motto.

I think it should have been called" I can’t wait to get my hands on you you piss poor excuse for human being(s)"