Energy conversion in future armour

Is it possible for an armour (light enough for someone to wear on their entire body, nearly) to convert the kinetic energy of a bullet striking it into useful energy, such as a light? This is several hundred years in our future, and there has been a very long war going on, so let’s assume that more research than usual is going into military equipment.

Yeah right, a civilization that has the capability to make this sort of body armor is going to be fighting with bullets?

Go read “The Forever War” by Joe Haldeman, which peripherally discusses these sorts of issues.

Well, are energy weapons even possible? Wouldn’t even a really powerful laser take several seconds of concentrated fire to burn through someone/thing?

Also, are forcefields possible either? How would we control the range, and prevent the energy from scattering?

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Heck, it might be doable today. I mean, if you sewed tons of chips of flint into the armor, you may get a few sparks when a bullet hit. Seems like a long run for a short slide, though.

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I can just see now:

“We need a fire!”

“Good idea! Just put on the jacket and stand, yeah, right there.”