Enforcing Chinese Law

Since it is apparantly board policy to assist China in its censorship policy, I was just wondering what other country’s laws the administration has also decided to support. This would be helpful for board members. They could censor themselves before posting, and save the mods the trouble of closing a thread. Thank you.

We did this already in the other thread. There seems little point in going over the same ground.

Oh, please. Grow up.

My understanding is that the thread was closed because it not only indicated how to by-pass Chinese Law, but because it indicated how to by-pass U.S. laws.

And my further understanding is that such discussions are to be held in the Pit forum.

However, since you ask: I will say it in simple words. THESE ARE MODERATED BOARDS. If you choose to interpet that as “censorship”, then be my guest, and don’t let the doors hit your ass on the way out. Every time we kill a spammer thread, that’s censorship. Every time we stifle some multiple-identity jackass, that’s censorship. Every time we interfere to tell people not to insult each other in Cafe Society or Great Debates, that’s censorhip.

Tough shit.

At the moment, I am spending almost three weeks in a country that has REAL censorhip, where nothing that is even vaguely critical of the Moslem religion is permitted in the press, and I mean NOTHING. Not even letters to the editor. So, friend, just cool it. You don’t know whereof you speak.