Engineer_comp_geek, are you *aware* how racist this moderation sounds?

This modding:

I realize that this is a hot button topic for you. Perhaps you should avoid posting about it here on the SDMB (except perhaps in the Pit). As things currently stand, your anger makes you blow things out of proportion and take things the wrong way, so much so that you are developing a pattern of derailing threads with it.

No, of course you’re not aware. Because you apparently have no idea that angry PoC tropes are a thing.

Seriously - what’s more racist than the non-Indigenous telling one of the few indigenous to just not post on the topic of indigenous issues? Leaving any such thread a lovely echo chamber of genocide denial and White fragility, as we’ve seen.

Maybe the Board would be better served by listening to that anger rather than telling him not to be so uppity. Tone policing of PoC has always been a tool of White supremacy - would be lovely if the Board could be an agent for change there…

Unless the optics of that clashes with the latest wave of Board monetization, of course. :roll_eyes:

And please - we’ve all seen how well “keep your anger in the Pit” worked out for the last angry Black man here…

Did ECG know your ethnicity when he modded you?

I’m scratching my head here, @Saint_Cad. The moderation being referred to here was of another poster. And FWIW, I agree with @MrDibble. Too much emphasis on tone, not enough on what’s implied when it comes to conversations about race and ethnicity, among other things.

Sorry doing 3 things at once and not concentrating on any of them.

Did ECG know Banquet Bear’s ethnicity when he modded him?

Well, I mean, it was in the OP (of the ATMB thread that got closed and is being discussed here).

I’m one of the very few indigenous voices on the boards. I usually keep my head down here when I can. But the framing of slash2k’s posts were the most offensive, dismissive and racist posts I’ve seen here in a long time. I didn’t report it because I went to sleep and when I woke up the topic was closed. But characterising stolen murdered children as “outcasts” as if those children had agency, and as “forgotten” when the families have been trying to find out what happened to their kids for decades is just unbelievably wrong.

So I guess it depends on whether or not ECG read the thread (or even the first post) before locking it. I mean, I would hope so, although clearly not everyone feels the need to do as much prior to offering commentary on a thread.

What does it matter what Banquet Bear’s ethnicity is? They were being modded for the content of their posts not for their ethnicity.

Saying non-white people shouldn’t be “uppity” is wrong. But saying non-white people get a pass on angry posting is also wrong. Everyone should be subject to the same set of rules, regardless of their ethnicity.

I half agree with you here. Frankly, I don’t think anyone should be required to respond civilly to the minimalization of genocide. But I understand that it’s a double-whammy to silence someone with unique perspective that might cause such minimalizing commentary to hit particularly close to home.

Still, I don’t think anyone should be required to respond civilly to the line of commentary going on in that thread (the thread that led to the ATMB thread that led to this ATMB thread).

Count me in with Mr Dibble. Tone policing minoritized people is a huge problem, not just here but in general. It’s the patronizing pat on the head that you get to be disgusted at yet another insult but really, you must do it in a way to worry about the insulters sensibilities.

Yes, people should be polite. But due to the way society is, BIPOC have to do so much more often. It’s exhausting and while “be polite in the face of insult” may be an equal sentiment, the outcome burdens BIPOC people more. With respect to racial issues and harmful comments, in particular, content often needs to weigh more heavily than tone.

Derailing a thread by saying you are the only person who knows what’s going on and everyone who disagrees with you is stupid is also trying to silence people.

Because that’s not what the moderation direction says. It doesn’t say something like “you may have a legitimate point, but you have to keep it within the rules for the forum.”

Instead, It says he’s “blowing things out of proportion” and “taking things the wrong way.” That’s not about how he expressed himself, but announcing as a mod that he’s wrong to get upset in the first place. It’s the mod clearly taking a side, and that side being the one that multiple posters have explained was in fact racist.

He’s declaring by fiat that all of the posters who explained exactly why this came off as racist are wrong. That’s not his prerogative.

And he’s a white person telling a person of color that they are wrong to be upset about something they perceive as racism. Not saying he was wrong in how he expressed it, but that he was “taking it all out of proportion.” And telling said poster that he needs to shut up and stop ever addressing the issue of race.

That’s what the moderation direction says. It’s not how he said it, but what the poster said that is wrong.

@engineer_comp_geek should listen to what people of color have to say about race, not declare them wrong and “blowing things out of proportion.” POCs have been told that every time they get upset about anything racially related.

For the record, @BigT , I don’t know if e_c_g is White, nor is it relevant to my point. That’s why I phrased it as non-Indigenous.

The only “tone policing” done in the original thread was to try to keep two people to the tone of MPSIMS, it was not specific to Banquet Bear.

Also, Banquet Bear acts like that in every thread I’ve seen him in. The last time I read a post of his he jumped into the middle of a “Is Woody Allen a Pedo” thread, insisting he was right that Allen was a pedo, even tho he hadn’t read much about the case and had not seen the documentary that the thread was started about. And as I said in the ATMB thread, he comes into every thread angry and if you don’t totally agree with everything he says, he continually misreads every post in the worst way possible.

This has nothing to do with his skin color, it has to do with him being a jerk in every thread he participates in, no matter what the forum.

I have to agree that telling BB they shouldn’t get post in threads about indigenous people because they get upset is extremely problematic.

Bullshit, His first post, and then his second in reply to slash2k, were nothing I would characterize as angry posting. He got angry after that, and perfectly understandably so.

Again, bullshit. Was he a jerk in Loki thread with spoilers thread? Or this one?

No, there’s a certain kind of thread where B_B is tone policed, and it’s not every forum and every thread. Mainly, it’s the ones where an uppity PoC makes the majority demographic here uncomfortable.

Not sorry, but your perceptions do not match mine, and even if he was problematic elsewhere, he was not problematic in the thread in question.

Sorry, didn’t notice the spoiler tag, thanks for the edit, @What_Exit

The moderation in question doesn’t appear racist to me.

What’s patronizing at best, racist at worst is to suggest that minority posters should be exempted from board standards because the poor dears can’t control themselves.

*remembering the Huey_Freeman debacle.

“No detectable trace of anger in your posts” is not a “board standard”. It’s a special one, strategically applied just for the uppity posters.

Weaponized tone-policing - the missing tail light of moderation, if you get my drift.

“Extremely problematic” is a gross understatement of how very wrong that moderation sounds and how wrong (and racist) its implications are.

I’ve seen the same thing mordecai described. It’s not in every thread Banquet Bear posts in but I’ve seen it in threads that have nothing to do with race.