England - T&T (spoilers)

Who do you guys think you are? The USA?

A huge save off the line to avoid going down 1-0 at half.

You have Beckham taking corners with Crouch in the middle and he’s making short back passes for 30 meter shots?

Yes, we’re crap. Live with it.

Although I don’t generally like the play, a few of them have gone in this tournament. England is a Crouch fuckup away from having a goal on the board themselves. By the way, that save was easily a foot off the goal line so there was really no reason to worry.

Yeah, England has been less than impressive. If he is, in fact, ready I hope they put Rooney in the second half for a lift.

Just wanted to mention this- what? How would kryptonite help? (Assuming England are meant to be the Supermen). And why would Sven give them a “rollicking”? BBC coverage also shit.

I doubt it as long as Sven can possibly avoid it. His foot is… I don’t know, amputated or something, so he wants to rest it if possible.

Does England look like a team that could beat Brazil?

Sheeit, if it’s a draw and T&T win against Paraguay, we could be out.

Shower of shite. Rooney’s doing as well as the rest.

Oh thank goodness.

Where’s the dance?!

Lampard should have had about five by now…

nice goal.


Ok, so they’re still crap. Come on, Trinidad and Tobago?

T&T have the highest goal-scorer of any country with 65 international goals under his belt. According to the bloke on the telly.

FUCKING HELL! Brilliant!


England are not a good team. 2-0 was a flattering scoreline.

Ecuador could give this team a go. Germany will beat them.

Germany doesn’t impress me and I think Ecuador will give them a go, as you say, and they could finish top of their group.

One thing, I remember Germany in 2002 and Italy in 1990 among others who were wholly unimpressive in group play yet they managed to make it to the championship game.

What he said. Just hope that we win our group and don’t have to play Germany sooner rather than later.

Perhaps England will come good as they do have some great players but it just doesn’t seem to be working. Gerrard’s wonder-strike aside, it was all route one ugliness.

And Germany should beat England. England’s record against them is poor and a game in Germany will not suit England at all.

Agreed, they’ll lose to crap, and then they’ll burn the town down. If they win, the jingoism of some supporters will turn my stomach. It will suit me, however, as I have £5 on Germany to win. And £2 on South Korea.

I am a traitor.

Don’t feel too bad, South Korea have my money, too. Them and the Czechs, who are doing me proud so far.

Since England are not the sort of team that can play well for seven consecutive games, it’s a good thing that we have got two bad performances out of the way. Yeah. In no way is this desperate rationalisation.