England's 34 "Massive" Football Teams

With respect to the word “massive”, I think this article should have the line, 'I don’t think that word means what you think it means", attached to it


They missed one:

I have nothing but the highest regard and admiration for Ipswich - it is a massive club - Ian Holloway

To be joining a massive club like Ipswich, one that is chasing a place in the Premiership, is a fantastic opportunity. - Darren Currie


On a similar note, here in New-and-Improved-England, we had for a while a video rental chain called Massive Video. They’ve since gone under.

Ah, the “Massive” club. See also it’s close relative the “Spleeping Giant”.

Aaaargh, my kingdom for an edit button!

“Sleeping Giant”, obviously.

We’ve got a massive defender.