English Footballers' Conceit Gets Out Of Hand

What does everyone think about the recent ‘boycott threat’ by English international footballers. Is this evidence that top level footballers have gone way beyond knowing their place? Would such a threat have even been considered in any other sport?

Let’s be clear about this. These are players who had been given the privilege of playing for their country. Yet, on the strength of a dispute involving a player who had seriously breached drug testing regulations, had threatened to go home in a huff and not play. Who do these spoilt, millionaire boys think they are? Do they pick the team? Do they have any idea of the legal complexities? Whatever happened to the principle that no-one is bigger than the team?

Regardless of Ferdinand’s intentions or mistake, he broke rules that in any other sport could easily end up in total suspension from all competition. The English FIFA have to take in seriously. If it is discovered that he purposely evaded the test, then any game he played in afterwards would be open to dispute and even jeopardise his country’s place.

But if he is completely innocent, as is probably the case, and just foolish and forgetful, it’s still not the responsibility of the players to tell the authorities what to do. Frankly, if this ridiculous threat had gone ahead, I think that none of the players should have ever been selected to play for their country again. That’s exactly what would have happened if it was at club level. They’d be out the door before they knew it.

But doesn’t even the suggestion of a boycott tell us that too many players are getting paid too much and getting too big for their boots?

I doubt Gary Neville will be picked again anytime soon.

I believe this is true. They have the country over a barrel on this one, since they’re the only people who can do the job. Drug testing is there for a reason. No exceptions should be made.

Hints at other appalling behaviour, if shown to be true, also lends weight to your theory. Young, talented, immensely rich, for the most part terrifically immature, yet regularly lauded by thousands. Recipe for disaster.

Except they don’t, but they believe they do. England is fully capable of fielding a reasonable second 11. If the worse came they could even pick the first 11 professional footballers who answered the phone, as long as they fufilled their obligations to field a team.

Any fall-out from this, like being gubbed by Turkey, would lie squarely at the feet of the guilty players. A Football associaltion cannot let itself be held hostage by a few footballers who believe themselves irreplacable.

The FA have bought this on themselves. Yes I agree that the footballers threatening to boycott the game is STUPID. But the FA are punishing Ferdinand in advance of his hearing which is against their own rules.

Because of complications and possible complaints from Turkey if he had played the FA should have held the hearing on Monday of this week (not next week).

Ferdinand would then have had his hearing, been given and accepted his punishment and nothing else would have happened.

As it is he is being punished BEFORE being able to give any mitigating circumstances.

This is all about bad management practices

Firstly when selected to give a sample why isn’t he escorted immediatley to the test (no chance of forgetting then)

Secondly, If you know the outcome of any hearing may be politically explosive, hold the hearing in good time so the outcome doesn’t clash with a major sporting occasion.

The whole thing is a farce

I agree with spanna.

Ultimately, it’s Rio’s responsibility, but it would have helped for someone to have shadowed him until he gave the sample, thus not giving him the chance to bugger off and move house/nance around Harvey Nicks. Manchester United also bear some responsibility here, which they are ignoring (what a surprise). Also would be good if they didn’t use Gary Neville to agitate the players against the FA. Rather silly.

The FA shouldn’t have given punishment before the hearing. I think they should have had the common sense and foresight to get the whole thing sorted out before the squad for the Turkey game was named. Maybe they thought they could get away with it and name him, and them someone thought “what if it comes out he’s awaiting a disciplinary hearing?” and shit their pants.

It’s said that another player faced a similar situation and was dealt with much more gently - not even being named before his hearing (still pending, I assume). If this player wasn’t named before the hearing, Rio Ferdinand shouldn’t be named. It’s simple.

But a walkout? Ludicrous. Are they all high?

According to the Guardian (at least), it was done on the advice of Sir Mad Jack who told the players to make the FA “sweat”. But what of this threat to “strike” anyway, this is just tabloid nonsense, isn’t it ? Closest I saw was that the players were considering “a range of possible options” (and as reported by Paul Barber of the FA itself) - infer what you like, but I saw no “threat to strike” outside the mentality of tabloid reporters and editors ?

ManUre/MadJock have acted disgracefully throughout, imho.

Sir Mad Jock, rather.

I heard that he got a reprimand and a £2000 fine.

No they aren’t. They are effectively suspending him. This is standard procedure across all professions in cases like this.

So because he’s an international player everyone has to jump? These things take time to organise. Ferdinand shouldn’t be getting special treatment as that would make it unfair to any others caught in a similar position.

This is true. In other sports the tester arrives unannounced and sticks like glue to the athlete’s side until a sample is produced. Any other method leaves the process wide open to cheating.

What’s more important, the principle and stopping drug-cheats, or a single international? If you’re saying that the former should skip to the tune of the latter then you may as well say that winning the game is everything, fair means or foul.

Absolutely. No-one in English football has done themselves a favour. The Turkish for one are knotting themselves. And the Scots :slight_smile: (Well, we have so little else to smile about.)