England, my England (part two)

Some while back I posted to the effect that the landlord of my pals local had been advised not to fly the St. Georges Flag, the advice given by police and local authorities.

Certain dopers suggested that this was an urban myth…not so!!

Our housing minister, Yvette Cooper, has pointed out that it is ILLEGAL to fly the flag from windows or at any angle without first obtaining permission from the local authorities., this under a 1992 government act.

Penalty for ignoring this law could result in a fine of £2500.

M/s Cooper intends to have this law changed and would be shocked if any council enforced it as it stands.

You really would think that our illustrious leaders had more urgent matters to tackle than to spend time faffing about with trivialities.

The mind boggles.

Maybe they’re more worried about this. Or this.
Or this.
You’ll get your toys back when you learn to behave. :rolleyes:

Yet again you’ve been taken inspin. This law exists, yes, and it’s stupid and archaic, yes - but it’s not being enforced anywhere.

Yvette Cooper has highlighted this stupid law, people (including you) have gone “What rubbish! England!”, then immediately SuperCooper has swooped in to go “we shall change this Terrible Thing!” In other words, it’s a total and utter non-issue and the government gets for once to spin a good news story based on fake outrage.

if6was9, not quite sure what your links have to do with anything.

Yet again you’ve been taken inspin.[/quite]Not a neologism, though perhaps it should be. “taken in by spin”.

Oh fuck it, I’m going to go back to bed.

Don’t you know? All Brits, behind their highly professional facade, are hooligans and criminals who yearn to destroy. What? You didn’t notice?

Oh, wait…

fetus (still cannot figure out the bolding, call me stoopid I don’t mind :slight_smile:

The vast majority of all sports fans both at home and abroad thoroughly detest the antics of the hooligan element that blight so many sporting events.

I’m not a violent person but I’d flog the buggers for the offences they commit. I guarantee they’d not be back for a second dose unless they were heavily into S&M.

Well, from what I have read, the main reason pubs have been discouraged (note, not banned) from putting up lots of flags and bunting is because it can be a fire risk.

Let’s have a cite for that (top story on page).

Still stupid and nanny-state-ish, but nothing to do with flag regulations per se.

FWIW, chowder, I have NO fucking clue what your OP is about. :slight_smile: I was just reacting to if6was9’s assertion that whatever your problem was, was caused by English people being hooligans. The same people on this side of the pond who dismiss all the violence that goes down after seemingly every American major sports championship as not being representative of anything, will go on and on about how evil Europeans are, and such hooligans, and man, we’re nothing like those soccer hooligans over there!

Anyway, I was being sarcastic, and good luck on whatever is going on.

I didn’t mean all Englanders are hooligans. I thought the flags were a World Cup thing, causing tensions between different fans. I’ll just hush then.

England 1 Portugal 3 (penalties AET)

soddit :frowning:
damnit :frowning:

I like England (the nation and the team) quite a lot, but good riddance. They played way below their ability the whole way through. Didn’t see the game–just heard it on satellite radio–and the commentators there said that they actually played deservingly today, but too little, too late. Portugal’s been getting better every game and deserve the semifinal spot way more.

Lampard, Carragher, Gerrard.

Three guys who are paid tens of thousands of £££s each week to play football and they can’t score from a a sodding penalty kick.

These three tossers killed a nations dream along with the rest of the squad, you never got your act together, you played like a bunch of totally inept tarts.

Rooney!! the idea is to kick the ball not plant your size 9s in the other guys nuts and get yourself sent off, had you controlled your temper then maybe, just maybe, with 11 men on the pitch we may have pulled it off. But no you had to see your arse didn’t you??!!.

As for Beckham…he’s had his day, some of his passes were woeful but then again the team as a whole were pretty much useless when it cam down to it.

Eriksson…takes just 4 forwards to a World Cup and 2 of those were unfit at the off, Owen and Rooney.
He also takes Theo Walcott who has NEVER played in a premiership game, WTF was he thinking of because the lad never even kicked a ball apart from training. Yes it’s fairly safe to say Eriksson is to blame as well, his tactics were wrong…one striker?? don’t make me laugh.

So all in all we were suckered, we were lead to believe that this was Englands year.

Finally, if I were Rooney I would do one of two things,

  1. Smack Ronaldo in the chops at the first opportunity.

  2. Refuse to ever play in the same team as him again.

I’m pissed off.

Why on earth didn’t they start with a 3-4-2, anyway? That’s been the most baffling thing to me about post-Owen England.

Looks like you covered that, too.

Heh. I can commiserate.

Owen hasn’t been the player he was for a looooong time.
His ability to run at and get pass defenders seems to have deserted him and I honestly believe that Eriksson has in some way stifled all of Englands players.

For example in the first game against Paraguay we are 1-0 up and what does Eriksson do? he pulls off a forward and puts on a midfield player purely to defend a slim lead.

Absolute nonsense and an indication that the manager was clueless. :mad:

Any other manager when his team scores is seen jumping up and down screaming and shouting with joy, what does the Swede do? claps his frigging hands and nods.

Other managers patrol the technical area exhorting their team to greater efforts, not Eriksson he sits there looking puzzled.

The manager of Englands national team should be an Englishman, preferably someone in the mould of Stuart Pearce (Manchester City) or Sam Allardyce (Bolton Wanderers)

If your national team won’t take a British coach, send one over here, will ya?

We have one now, Alan Curbishley ex Charlton Athletic manager.

I am not impressed with the choice :frowning:

Ahem, I mean Steve McClaren.

Well i’m upset y’see

There’s a very good reason they didn’t start with 3-4-2 - that’s only 9 outfielders.

I for one am glad to see England gone. They were a poor team that made far too heavy weather of the easiest qualifying group and the advantage of playing the runner up in the second weakest. And they didn’t improve enough as the competition went on (a la Italy and France). It’s a shame a better side than Portugal didn’t knock them out

As for Wayne Rooney - couldn’t have happened to a nicer little troglodyte.

Is there any basis for such an argument? Pearce and Allardyce are managers of plodding, unambitious clubs and there is nothing in their resumes to suggest that they have the ability to handle world class players in a world class environment.

The FA should have grown a pair and hired Scolari or Hiddunk while he was still available. But then, the problems which are fettering England’s national team and the culture of English footballers are so deeply entrenched that no one man, no matter what his pedigree, could more than band aid over them.

And to think, England will barely be over their World Cup heartbreak before their cricketers will be shredded and humiliated down under!


Unambitious clubs? where are you coming from?

All clubs have ambition, just because they are unable to realise it makes them no less keen to succeed than the monied clubs such as Chelsea/Man Utd/Liverpool.

Pearce at Manchester City has shown that he has fire in his belly both as a manager and a player. Allardyce at Bolton has done extremely well for his club when you consider that his budget is peanuts when compared to that of Mourinho and Ferguson.

Both Pearce and Allardyce would have made a better job of it than that dork Eriksson, so would any number of other English managers.