English paper..a little help here

I got an English paper do tomorrow and um i am stupid, lazy and really dont feel like thinking right now of how to write a paper even though its a simple paper.
Anyway…I am suppose to write a short two paragraph paper using sensory details and location of parts of the scene (or person) with these three different categories that I choose one to do.

  1. an accident scene
  2. a nightclub, stadium, workplace, or other facility after closing
  3. the best-looking person you’ve ever met.
    Well if anyone is kind enough to help out. That would be wonderful.
    Thanks in return…help out a Dukie!!!

Based on the above, it is clear that you have much worse problems than finding a subject about which to write.


Well, I suppose I could knock something out really quick for you. But then I would expect you to help me trouble shoot that problem I am having with isolating why the data doesn’t flow as I expect from our OLTP to the PSA and then into the Infocube. Or you could help me get that 1.2 million for a cutover server. But you probably don’t know how to do most of that. So it wouldn’t work out.

I think I’ll pass.

Better get that paper and pen out, or Word, whatever, and get some drafts. For the love of Pete, it’s only two paragraphs. Try it, maybe you’ll learn something.

You shouldn’t use these forums to do your homework. Someone here could help you flunk.

See if you can read frank Miller’s Introduction to Batman: Year One. That guy knows how to command your senses.

Alright well…you all have good points.
I was just looking for an easy way out.
Thanks anyway

There’s no general question here. Even if there were, we don’t help people with their homework unless they can show they have done everything reasonable to find the answer themselves. This thread is closed.

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