English-speaking regions of Quebec?

I’m looking for a good map of Quebec which shows the english speaking majority areas. I’m told there are some around the Pontiac, and also a few along the border between Quebec and New York state.

Conversely, I’d also like to see decent maps showing where french is the major language spoken outside of Quebec. I understand there are francophone communities in New Brunswick and northern Maine.

Anyone with good links? I’ve been unable to uncover any on my own…

There are also parts of Montreal, such as Westmount, where the majority is English-speaking.

This page from Statistics Canada has links to maps showing the percentage of English speakers (“Anglophones”) in various places, particularly Montreal:


Dayum! Those are some kick-ass statistical maps! Thanks!! :smiley:

A part of eastern Ontario is predominately French, that would be to the east of the city of Ottawa, south of the Ottawa river and mostly north of the 417 highway up to the border with Quebec. the two larger community within that area would be Rockland and Hawkesbury.

In addition, the city of Cornwall on the St-Lawrence river as a large French population.

Several towns in the St. John valley in Aroostook County, Maine, are majority francophone. They are just across the river from a francophone region of northern New Brunswick. Something like 90% of French speakers there also speak good English.

St. Francis 61% francophone
St. John Plantation 61%
Fort Kent 63%
Frenchville 80%
Madawaska 83%
Grand Isle 77%
Van Buren 77%
Hamlin 56%

There may be a few other towns in Maine where French speakers are in the majority. I only checked those towns that are directly across the river from N.B.

Missed the edit window. The data above come from the MLA Language Map Data Center, a fun place for language nerds to explore: http://www.mla.org/map_data

The region near the US border you are thinking of is the Eastern Townships, which has a significant anglophone population, but it is far from being a majority. The English language school board covers the entire area of the Townships, and only has three high schools (grades 7-11), the largest having about 1100 students (the others have about 1000 and 400 students respectively).

I think the StatsCan pages will be the best resource.