English to Latin Translation

Mr. Ruby is scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan at the end of this month :frowning: and I’m working on designing a unit crest before they leave.

What’s the Latin translation of “Support with a Vengence”?

Auxilium cum ultione.

(pronounced, aux-IL-ee-um koom ul-tee-OWN-ay)

Good luck to Mr. Ruby, by the way. I hope he has a safe tour.

I just knew I could count on a Doper to know that. I’ll try to post the crest when I get it done.

Thanks, Diogenes. You rock!

No problem. Glad I could help. I’m sure the crest will rock. :slight_smile:

I would have gone with adminiculum.

Yes, auxili- means help while admini implies more of a physical support (actually, it’s literal meaning is “pole,” or “prop.” It’s figurative meaning is “aide,” or “help”).

They were pretty close, and I just thought auxilium sounded better. It implies extra help, new blood.

YMMV, of course. Ruby may decide which she likes better.

Ah. I bow to your wisdom. I’m really only good at translating the other way.

As long as you’re doing that, why not take some parchment or other diploma paper and inscribe upon it the Latin for “This paper is essentially worthless”? :slight_smile: