Enoch Root: what is the correct pronunciation?

I am fascinated with the character, Enoch Root, who appears in Neal Stephenson’s novels Cryptonomicon and Quicksilver. I would like to talk about him, IRL even, but I don’t know how to pronounce his name!

Is “Enoch” pronouced “EE-nock” or “EH-nuck” or perhaps “eh- NUHSH”? And what about “Root”? Is it “ROOT” or “RUHT” or “ROAT” or “ro-AHT”?

Enoch is pronounced “EE-nock.” Root, I always imagined was pronounced just as you’d pronounce the word “root,” regional accents notwithstanding.

Of course those of us with a southern accent pronounce it “EE-nuck”

On second thought, maybe “EE-nick” is closer.

EE-knock is correct, but it doesn’t come out that way for me.

The same way you pronounce the name of the Brown Sleestak Who Talks.