Enquiring minds want to know

Intriguingly, today’s Classic Column Whatever happened to “Planet X”? seems to be in the middle of a remarkable time warp. The Questioner opens by stating that s/he was in first grade in 2972. “A typo”, Ceilc scoffs, adding “though with AOL users one never knows” – as rightly he should, since according to the caption on the page, this column was published on Jan 1, 1901. The very fact that he was recieving mail from AOL (which was founded in 1985, IIRC)

I suspect that one of these AOL’ers was a certain gentleman named Brady, about whom Cecil , with uncharacteristic delicacy say only “The one you remember was made in 1972 by an astronomer who shall remain nameless, who predicted a
Saturn-size (i.e., huge) planet that took 500 earth years to revolve around the sun and whose orbit was tilted at a cockeyed angle to the earth’s.” I did a little hundting, and found that few sources on the web give a first name for this astronomer, and the few that do, contradict one another. Which Brady was it? Jan? Peter? Greg? Carol?

What dark secret could possibly intimidate Cecil into science. Or is he simply being protective of his flock, knowing we are not yet ready?

Hmm… 1972… The Brady Bunch went off the air in 1974. Damn! I knew I should have watched that documentary on “The Brady Bunch: The Final Years”~

Another KNOCK against someone who dares to use AOL!!

Let’s see…Your’re Black–go to the rear of the bus.
You’re Italian. Don’t talk with your hands.
You’re Irish–put down that beer.
You’re Polish–nuff said
You’re German–loosen up.
You’re blond–Well, that’s true :smiley:

Hate it when stereotypes keep slipping in there.

Cecil owes an apology.