The End, Planet X and 2012?

Could this of the world’s upheavals be preface for The End/Begining, when some are predicting that we’ll be buzzed by Planet X, and things will turn upside down, destroying most, if not all life on Earth?



Or possibly yes.

It could be, but it’s quite unlikely, not least because there is no planet X as far as anyone knows. And even if there was one, what are you talking about?

I’ll say.

Just the kind of thread I was looking for! Something not political and that has nothing to do with the economic melt down! Or Bush! Or GW! Or Peak Oil! Or wild rabid pygmy chipmunks!

In an infinite universe all things are possible. But…seems unlikely. First of all, there is no evidence of a Planet X (or Planets Y or Z either). Something that big that flew close enough to the planet to ‘turn upside down, destroying most, if not all life on Earth’ would be, well, visible. Even if it was on an eccentric orbit. We’d be able to detect the tidal effects I should think, if nothing else. And, you know, there would be historic evidence as well…it would have had to fly by the planet SOME time in the past after all.

So…I wouldn’t fret, at least about this. If the world ends it will be those metal chewing (ET: MUTANT) space rabbits that took down the Twin Towers, not Planet X…


If there were a Planet X on course to pass near the Earth, it would do so whether there were any “world’s upheavals” as “preface” to the event or not. As below, not so above.

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The Bad Astronomer (I think) did this for us. IIRC if Planet-X was due to arrive in 2012 it’d be inside the orbit of Jupiter by now and apart from the sun and moon would likely be the brightest object in the sky. In short, it’d be visible now without the aid of a telescope.

He also mentioned (again IIRC) that its gravitational effects would be very apparent to astronomers and noticeably perturb the orbits of the planets in our solar system. Not enough to screw anything up but more than enough for the guys who measure such things (and they do so regularly) to detect.

So sorry…no Planet-X although if there was one then yeah…it’d be very bad for us.

I’m confused, too. What in the name of Jesus on toast are you talking about?

On the contrary, this has everything to do with wild rabid pygmy chipmunks. They run planet X, you see. They fly it around. Like a spaceship. It’s only the size of West Virginia, but very dense, you see.

The metal chewing MUTANT space rabbits are their vanguard attack force.

Oh come on, people. The answer you seek is that little g-word beneath his username. We all know he won’t be back. The only reason I’m posting is so I can say

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Like the OP, I don’t care if it’s true or not

Planet X, IIRC, was a theory about some super sized planet out past the Oort cloud in like the 19th or early 20th century. Supposedly the gravitational anomalies that astronomers were observing dictated that there ‘should’ be another planet out there somewhere. It was, of course, wrong…and has been disproven long ago (I think Cecil did an article on this a long time ago but may be misremembering…not worth my while to do a search :)). If I recall correctly the problem was simply that the measurements being done had a high level of error…once the error was gotten rid of there wasn’t a need (or whatever) for another planet out there.

I haven’t heard the twist on this that it’s supposedly streaking toward the earth to end all life as we know it, but it doesn’t surprise me that there are folks out there claiming it is. NOTHING surprises me anymore. Well, one thing would…if the OP actually comes back in to answer your question. THAT would be a shock!


Surprised you have missed this one.

It is an end-of-the-world meme that’s been running around for a few years now. Not sure if this is part of the Mayan calendar ending in 2012 or something different signaling our doom.

Planet-X (aka Nibiru) is purported to be a planet or worse…Brown Dwarf…on a hugely elliptical orbit which brings it around to us once every few thousand years or something which is why it is surprising us now (we have not seen it in the far flung solar system). It is supposed to either crash into us or come very close sufficient to kill everything.

All 100% pure bunk.

But immediately before your post was one by begbert2, who is also a “guest” and we’ve been trying to get rid of him for five years. :wink:

I haven’t seen Bad Astronomer’s take on this, but that’s kind of what I figured. I don’t think people realize how long things take to travel in space…or understand the speeds involved. Either they underestimate the distances or overestimate the speeds. Something that big and traveling at any kind of reasonable speed would be visible years before it reached the earth.

Of course, it COULD all be a government conspiracy to keep the people from panic (or to profit somehow)…

Yeah…if they can detect the small wobble of a planet flying around a star light years from earth I figured they’d be able to detect the wobble such a planetary body would generate as it streaked towards the earth.

Though again, could be a cover up…


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